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Cats and PodsI am a sucker for a good deal, but when it comes to my Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll I am a sucker for a furry body snuggled next to my feet.  I will buy my boy just about anything I think he would enjoy.  I do not know how many feather cat toys he has played into submission over the past few years or how many cat climbing trees have finally given in and fell apart.

My most recent searches have revolved around finding a place for my furry little boy to chill out and nap or play.  I want a cat home and bed, but prefer something unique.  I ran across several products on ETSY that were perfect. First was this Cats&Pods that is environmental friendly.  It is a pod that allows my guy to scratch, rest, and hide whenever he wants.

The other two ETSY shops I found were also awesome.  ModPet offersMod Cats a range of modern cat furniture including some amazingly shaped food bowls that have a modern flair. As vintage is becoming the new modern, CANOPYStudio offers great designs on and off of great pieces for your furry friend.

CANOPYStudioIf you are looking to purchase some unique cat furniture, check out ETSY.

Do you own cat furniture that was purchased on ETSY?  Share your reviews of the products in the Ragdoll forum.

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