Unique Cat Furniture: Cat Power Tower

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Cat Power TowerThe Cat Power Tower is a cat scratching tower made from environment friendly materials like Rubberwood, Sisal, and Mohawk EverStrand carpet.

Rubberwood is a hardwood which possesses a furniture-like characteristic adding a natural and beautiful look, serves as the primary material used in Cat Power Tower.

Sisal on the other hand is very common for its strong and durable character, it makes cat scratching posts sturdy at all times.

And last but not the least, Mohawk EverStrand a material that is 100% made out of recycled plastic bottles making it eco-friendly and such material is used for the carpeting part.

The Cat Power Tower has three platforms, each having distinct functions/activities. The top platform serves as the lounging area for your Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll, for example. While the middle platform stands as the scratching area: visualize a scratching post, a scratching board, and then accompanied by a motorized rotating feather carousel just for cats to enjoy.

And for the bottom platform – the playing/hunting area. It has round holes for you to place in small toy mouse and for your cats to seek. It also enhances their hunting skills.

Keep your cat mentally and physically active with Cat Power Tower! You can buy Cat Power Tower (3-Tier Early American Finish) directly from Amazon.com for $399.95.

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