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Have you always wanted the perfect play pen for your felines? This cat product is the most unique cat furniture that you can ever find. The Cat Castle cat activity center is one of the best and biggest that you’ll ever find. It is not for only for playing and sleeping, but while they’re climbing up, jumping down, and walking around this enormous play castle, your pet will be getting the exercise that is hard for cats to get, especially if you keep them inside the home all the time.

Eleven plush fur hammocks can be easily attached to the tubes while the legs and beams make great bridges and cats scratching furniture for your wonderful and lovely kitties. The hammocks are machine washable. Every plush hammock is made from Tan Duck material with canvas backing which is like a tender cradle perfect for your kitty to take a nap in. Since the Cat Castle by Feline Furniture is so large, your cats will never be bored nor settle for just one place for them to nap, and do whatever else that a cat pleases to do. With 2 spring action toys, your furry feline has more to do in this fantastic activity set.
Feline Furniture Cat CastleCat Castle Product Specifications
Dimensions: 78"H x 78"W x 78"D  
Weight: 99 pounds
Included in the Cat Castle Set:
200 13.5-inch Catnector ™ beams
42 4-point Connectors
44 5-point Connectors
2 6-point Connectors
22 Top Caps ™
2 Top Cap with Spring Action Cat Toy ™
11 Tan Plush Fur Hammock ™
2 Tan Cozy Fur Condo ™

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