Unique Cat Furniture – 2 Story Condo

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If you are looking for cozy cat furniture, you might want to take the time to consider this item. The 2 Story Cat Condo is stylish, modern, and very durable. Your cats will play here for many hours, take long and luxurious cat naps, and lounge around in style in their own new little condominium. 

The exact measurements of this cat condo is 39" H x 18" W x 18" D. The access openings are in an interesting pentagon shape and it has an upper and lower level. The simple style that will go be nice in any home and you can choose from 8 different colors. You might be even able to pick one that will be the perfect backdrop for the wonderful fur of your pet. 
As quality cat products never go out of style, and your owning a unique cat furniture from Molly and Friends will be utterly delightful for you pet and be able to delight even your visitors. It’s tubular shape makes is stable and the materials used makes it very sturdy. The 2 Story Cat Condo by Molly and Friends can be used for your pet as cat perches for lookout point to see the view, as a bed for cats and as a hiding place. 
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