Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy Review

Post Published on February 26, 2013 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

 Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy The Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy was given to my mom by my Aunt Nicky for Charlie, Trigg, Caymus and Murphy to share. She gifted it to us after a friend of hers gave her one for her new kitten, Prince William, at the time.

Murphy liked it immediately. Caymus was a little more timid, but eventually warmed up to it. Charlie and Trigg went for it immediately. I shared this on the blog.

I recommend it as a toy for a new Ragdoll kitten for that reason in A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide – but also think older kitties can have fun with it.

However, it wasn’t until I pulled it out after putting it away for almost 2 years that I thought it was important to review it. Julie, a Floppycats reader, had sent me an email with a link to a product she had seen on TV.  It’s called the Cat’s Meow.

I do know that Panic Mouse, the makers of Undercover Mouse, sold their patents to the Undercover Mouse at the end of 2012 – so I figured this was the new company selling the product. And it looked exactly the same – just without the “Undercover Mouse” logo on it.  If you’ve seen that infomercial, please leave a comment below and let me know the name of the new one!  There is also this product on Amazon that looks a whole bunch like it: Petlinks System Mystery Motion Electronic Activity Cat Toy, 23″ Diameter.

What is the Undercover Mouse?  It is an interactive cat toy that mimics that “under the bed sheets” play that cats just love.  It is a round-shaped toy that is operated by a small electronic motor.  There is a wand attachment that hooks onto the circular base.  The circular base has a button on it that turns on the toy as well as allows you to change the motion of the wand (“the mouse”) from slow to fast to random.  There is then a round yellow parachute-type of material fabric piece that lays over the electronic toy, so that “the mouse” runs under this fabric.  You can see what I mean in the videos below.   It is a great toy that brings out the natural hunting instincts of your kitty.  Check out the last of video of Chiggy to see what I mean.

The Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy currently sells for $25.49 on Amazon and in the USA, it qualifies for FREE Super Saver Shipping.  As you might have seen in the last video – the wand can get a little chewed up.  I don’t recommend leaving this out for your kitties to play with for that reason and more! But you can get a Undercover Mouse replacement wand if it comes to that.

Here are videos, these are from a few years ago (Caymus and Murphy were still on dry food at this time – they are so fat!):

Here is Charlie and Trigg’s first experience with it:

And then here’s the video from a few days ago when Julie and I had been emailing:

And lastly, here’s a great one showing Trigg’s awesome-ly playful personality:

We received the Undercover Mouse as a gift from my Aunt. Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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5 thoughts on “Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy Review

  1. Sondi Moore says:

    Many of our clients use this toy for their cats and they find it lots of fun. We actually had one client who took our peacock feather and attached it to the end so it would stick out from underneath the cover and it drove the cats wild. Great toy for cats who love to jump on things underneath covers.

  2. Julie says:

    HA! Do you know i am STILL driving myself nuts trying to find that site? Everyday I Google it to see if something new pops up! That’s it! From now on i am keeping EVERY SINGLE one of our 100’s of emails! LOL

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