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Submitted March 9, 2020 I got interested in Ragdolls when I saw that my favourite author, Anne Rice, had two of her own (Sugarplum and Tum Tum). They are pure white with beautiful blue eyes. I knew I wanted one right away! I’m an author, myself, so I researched the breed and used one for a pet of one of my characters. I don’t know, I just loved the thought of having a floppy cat! They just seemed like the best breed and I fell in love hard. I didn’t consider getting a kitten until my black cat, Nevermore, and German Shepherd, Dante, passed away within a year of each other. I have a grey tabby, Willow, but she’s 17 years old and not as playful, nor as attentive. I took a year to heal from the heartbreak of losing my beloved pets and decided that I was going to open my heart to a Ragdoll. I had the breeder, O Canada Ragdolls, bookmarked for that year before I inquired about my newest edition, until I felt I was ready. I saw this particular kitten’s picture on the website and instantly fell in love.
Ulalume - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month Photo from O Canada Ragdolls
Photo from O Canada Ragdolls
She’s not pure white, but a seal tortie point. I just felt an instant connection! Her large blue eyes and perfect points just made her seem so special to me. I knew I had to have her. So, I inquired and was accepted for adoption! I would definitely recommend Cindy and her Ragdolls, as she’s so knowledgeable and the babies are beautiful. She told me if I ever need any advice or anything at all, to contact her. I feel supported with having my first Ragdoll and even will be going to her again when I decide to get another one…because it’s gonna happen! I am officially obsessed with floppy cats! Ulalume - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month I named her “Ulalume” because it’s my favourite piece by Edgar Allan Poe. As soon as I saw her beautiful blue eyes, I was reminded of the line, “With love in her luminous eyes”. I definitely see love in her eyes when she looks at me. The feeling is definitely mutual! Ulalume - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 3 Ulalume was born on November 3rd, 2019, so she’s 16 weeks. She absolutely LOVES her feather wand and to sleep, but also loves a really good brush! She dislikes her nails being clipped, so we’re working on that slowly. She also loves to snuggle with me or anything that smells like me. I have a blankie with her scents on it, but she won’t go near it. Instead, she loves to bury her head into my covers, kneading and purring away. Ulalume - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 2 She’s a definite diva, the queen of the apartment! She and my other cat, Willow, don’t get along yet. Willow isn’t too happy with a new addition, and Ulalume has set up most of the apartment as her own space. I have a feeling they will be friends though soon. But Ulalume is definitely queen of my heart, that’s for sure. I’m a sucker for her big blue eyes and soft purr. I definitely think that a variety of toys is the spice of life for my Ulalume! She loves her tinker ball, but that feather wand is her absolute favourite, I guess because we bond while we play. Ulalume - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 4 She also likes those plastic springs, she goes nuts with those. The food I use is TLC brand, which my breeder recommended, as well as Nature’s Variety Instinct soft food. Both cats seem to enjoy the food, and Ulalume still has a little kitten tummy, which is adorable. I also use The World’s Best Litter and let me tell ya…it’s seriously the best! I’ve been searching for cat litter that is up to par, and World’s Best exceeds my expectations.
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