Tyler – Ragdoll of the Week

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A colleague of mine started a Ragdoll craze at work.  I had never heard about the breed until she got her two kittens and started showing us photos and telling us about how special these cats are.  We went straight to the same breeder and picked out our kitten, a male.  A few months later, we took Tyler home.  He was our wedding gift to each other and he was the only reason we were excited to return from our honeymoon!

Another colleague took Tyler’s sister home, and she tragically died of FIP. We had Tyler tested and the vet said his blood test showed high levels of the Corona Virus which put him at high risk of developing FIP.  For the next few months we were very worried and apprehensive – we had already fallen totally in love with Tyler and we were afraid that he could get sick at any minute.  He’s 7 years old now and, thankfully, he’s still in great health. 


Personality-wise, Tyler is a text-book Ragdoll –very laid back, floppy and affectionate.  He does, however, have some interesting quirks.  For example, he goes nuts whenever we cut a cucumber, cantaloupe or watermelon and won’t stop meowing until I give him a small piece.  He’s also a complete paper fiend…you know that excuse “the dog ate my homework”?  Well, I can honestly say that the cat ate mine!

Tyler also loves to hang out with me ever time I take a bath.  He’ll hang right over the edge and play with the water or drink it (which seriously restricts my use of bubble bath!)  He once jumped right in with me, but he got a bit of a shock and didn’t try that trick again.

Tyler can be a little bit stubborn, and I swear he thinks he has the power of invisibility – but usually, he’s just a complete cuddle-bug and very entertaining.  He’s a wonderful and very handsome companion and I can’t imagine life without him!

Maria Birch is Tyler’s owner and she runs the site Catnamesplace.com where Tyler and Lilly are featured.

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  1. I have to say Tyler is just like my rag doll Fang. Fang used to eat paper, and plastic all the time. When it came to me taking a bath he would jump up on the side of the tub and just wait till I was done! They are very odd cats but the cutest ever! I don’t think I could go to a different breed.

  2. Hi. I have a ragdoll just like Tyler. Her name is Simone. She also has to get in the shower with me. Even when we Do our little business she gets up on her litter box and talks to us. When the alarm goes off every morning she comes running, jumps on top of my husband and pushes us out of bed. She is a little timid around children though. When we pick her up she goes limp. Very beautiful cat. She is 4 years old. Never ever been outside. We let her out one day and the grass scared her and she ran back in the house. She is just part of our family.

  3. hi your cats sound amazing and funny! My daughter and I are laughing at their antics .. They are gorgeous too …
    We have a 1 boys so far and he gets more personality by the day he is 2 and in a week weeks we are getting a girl seal lynx point . We are excited just got to agree on a name might head over to your name site .. I love hearing about others stories
    Bless ya

  4. So glad to hear that Tyler is doing well and enjoying a long happy life with you.
    We lost our beautiful Ragdoll “Raffle” several yrs ago (5) and we miss him everyday. But, I laughed out loud while reading your story of Tyler. Raffle LOVED cucumber, cantaloupe & watermelon and did the same thing “won’t stop meowing until I give him a small piece” he also would try to climb my legs or get on the counter (something he never did) unless I gave him some. The other thing I laughed at was Raffle would sit on the toilet lid and wait while I was in the shower. How funny. It must be a ragdoll thing.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    PS – I looked on your Cat Names Website and searched for the name “Raffle”. Of course I got a “No Results”. But, I always wondered if anyone else had used that name for a cat. My oldest daughter won him in a raffle at her school many yrs ago and she couldn’t think of a name for him…thus he was named Raffle.
    As a kid, I once had a kitten named “Dog”. 😉

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