Tyco is a HUGE Supporter of Sharing is Caring!

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Bengals and Ragdoll CatTyco is a true gentleman. He gives up his wet food when a kitten comes along to investigate his bowl, he relinquishes his toys if someone else wants to play with it, all in all, he’s a big fan of ‘sharing is caring’! Unfortunately, when we lost our two kitties a few months ago, we didn’t know what was causing their illnesses and we had to throw out all their toys in case they had something contagious that Tyco could pick up from chewing on the toys after they passed away. Since then, Tyco shares his remaining toys with three very hyper, toy-stealing kittens. While he doesn’t mind, it’s always heart warming to see Tyco investigate and fall in love with a new toy or snack that’s all his! I know he would just love to check out this awesome giveaway and then, of course, share it with the kittens. Overall though, Tyco winning would be awesome because it would mean our shelter of choice, Austin Pets Alive! will get this superb prize pack!

APA is a non profit organization that runs almost exclusively with the help of volunteers and with the help of many foster homes. They are working towards a no-kill Texas for so many animals. They go in and rescue pets from high kill shelters. To complement the work of other rescues, APA focuses on pets that have been left behind after other groups and shelters have taken as many as they can save. APA has had amazing success – they save more than 90% of the pets they get. They’re such a wonderful organization working so hard to save so many pets and help them to feel loved as they deserve. They so very much deserve this prize package so they know how appreciated their hard work is. The kitties in their care will benefit from all the fun things in this giveaway until they are able to find their very own homes.

We thank you all for the wonderful opportunity for this giveaway! Happy Birthday Trigg!

Name: Azizah
City: Austin
State: Texas
ShelterRescue: Austin Pets Alive!

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