Tunnel Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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Tunnel Cardboard Cat ScratcherAnyone will notice that in every cats book, one of the key topics talked about is the necessity of cats to scratch.

Since our cat’s instinctual need to scratch is always present, we, as cat parents, should also know what cat scratcher to pick for them.

Tunnel Cardboard Scratcher is an eco-friendly cat scratcher. It is 100% made out of recycled materials making it 100% recyclable! Made in USA. This cat product is exceptionally tested and guaranteed safe for your cat’s use.

This cat scratcher will not only provide an ideal scratching surface for your cat but for relaxing, lounging, playing and sleeping as well.

Get the best Imperial Cat Tunnel Cardboard Cat Scratcher for $51.99.

Does your cat already own this cat scratcher? Share some thoughts with fellow cat lovers in our forum or you may leave us a comment below.

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