Trixie Baza Cat Tree

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Trixie Baza Cat TreeAre you looking for two great cat products in one item? If you are, then the Trixie Baza Cat Tree is the thing for you. This product offers beds for cats and also a cat scratching tree. Both for one price. You can't beat that. The Baza tree provides endless hours of fun and relaxation for your cat.

There are two sisal covered scratching posts that are provided with the Baza tree. Your cat can claw and scratch for hours, then when the cat gets tired they can climb in the bed provided at the top of the Baza tree for sleeping and comfort. The bed is a soft plush hammock that is perfect for your cat to curl up in and snooze. Your cat will feel like they have their own special nesting area with this product.

This is a reasonable price product that offers more than one thing. You get a beautiful beige color that will match any decor in your home. Your cat will love this tree and you will as well. Your cat will no longer be scratching your furniture or laying all over your it. This is a great product for any cat lover.


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