Trigg’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway Update

Guest Post by Nicolette, winner of Trigg’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway

Piper Bowl by LG Potter
Piper with her LG Potter bowl

All four of my cats have been having a blast with all of the goodies that they received from Trigg’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway!

LG Potter: This bowl is absolutely stunning! I was able to choose a name to have put on the bowl and I choose Piper, the oldest of my furbabies. The bowl was handmade and is amazing quality. I cannot say enough good things about this food dish!

40 lb. bag of Precious Cat Litter: We had used this litter in the past and it is by far one of my favorites. One of my cats, Lola, has issues using the litter box. Ever since she was a kitten, she just will not do #1 in the box no matter how clean it is. With Precious Cat Litter, she uses the box about half of the time (which is an improvement from never!). I don’t know what it is that she likes about this litter so much but I’m a fan! It has low tracking and has some of the best clumping of the numerous litters that I have tried in the past.

Fizzion: With Lola not using the litter box, you can imagine how many accidents I have to clean up in a day! I have hardwood so I can’t say how it works on carpets, but Fizzion really impressed me. It seemed to knock out any odor and Lola didn’t go sniffing around the same spots after I used Fizzion so it seems like it was able to stop her from using the same spot twice.

Yeowww! Catnip Prize Pack:This is some potent catnip. Seriously. I have to put the toys away after a while because all 4 of my guys go nuts! I really liked all of the toys but my favorites were the Pollock fish (which Lola claimed as

Petstages Snuggle Scratch and Rest
Sofia in the Snuggle and Rest (which has done battle with Lola)

her own) and the banana (which my Sinatra decided was his). Sinatra is a really rough player so the banana is reaching the end of it’s rope already but all the other toys have stood up to having 4 cats pummel them for the past few weeks. I have looked at the other Yeowww! toys and will definitely be buying more of them in the future.

PetstagesEasy Life Scratch Snuggle and Rest: Out of everything that we received, this was the unanimous favorite of my 4 little ones. As soon as I took it out of the box, everyone crowded around it to see what they new toy was. Even as I type this, Piper is hanging out in it! It won’t work for extra large cats–Sinatra is 20+ pounds and doesn’t quite fit–but my three girls are 10 pounds and under and fit perfectly. It may also take a beating if your cat is a chewer–Lola has taken to chewing the sides and ripping little pieces of cardboard/paper off–but the construction of the bowl is top notch and has held up wonderfully. I will probably be buying a second one soon, as Lola and Piper have begun fighting over who gets to sleep in the bowl!

Lola on Sleepypod Crater Dot
Lola in the Crater Dot

SleepypodCrater Dot: For the first few days, none of my cats seemed into the Crater Dot. I was a bit disappointed about that, as it was large enough for even Sinatra to fit comfortably. After that adjustment period, they suddenly all began to love it! There is usually a cat hanging out in it and sometimes Piper or Sinatra will sleep on the Crater Dot instead of in bed. It can get a bit furry quickly if your cat sheds a lot, but a lint roller should take care of that. You can also get a heating pad insert, which I’ve been seriously considering as the temperatures drop in my neck of the woods.

Litter Lifter – I’m a big fan of these! My favorite is the Original design. It’s longer and flatter than regular litter scoops and is much easier to handle. It also seems to speed up the process of litter box scooping since you can filter more litter at one time.

Imperial CatZen Lounger: This may be everyone’s second favorite after the Snuggle and Rest. Lola, Piper, and Sofia (my youngest, a Maine Coon mix/floppy cat wannabe) all spend some time on here daily, sharpening their claws. They sometimes will even just jump up on it and take a snooze. Even with four cats, it has held up impeccably and looks like it will have a long lifespan!

Catty Stacks – 5-Box Catty Stack Kit: Much like the Crater Dot, my guys didn’t really know what to make of these at first. After they got used to them though, they are in love! When they get the zoomies, they usually end up jumping in, out of, on, and around the Catty Stacks. I really liked that I could arrange the boxes in different designs and that they were so easy to assemble. Sofia especially likes to chase her sisters and brother around the maze of boxes!

Thank you again for the awesome giveaway! We never expected to win but are glad that we did and the shelter that we chose to receive the second prize pack (PAWSibilities Animal Rescue in Harleysville, PA) also sends their thanks!

Nicolette, Piper, Sinatra, Lola, and Sofia

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3 thoughts on “Trigg’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway Update

  1. Not Sold On Fission says:

    The problem with Fizzion is they do not have an active website. They have a website printed on some of their bottles, but it now appears to be defunct. So there is no current contact information for the company. No way to get in touch with them if you have questions about the product, if you have an older stain, or information about treatment that is not on the bottle. My bottle says refer to the website for more instructions. I find it suspect that the company has no way to reach them. No email, no phone number and no address are on the product label. There should be a phone number for any legitimate company printed on the product label and someone should be available to answer calls. If I am not satisfied with how Fizzion is performing, there should be a money back policy. I do not see any of that in place with this company and no customer support.

    • Fizzion (Erin Wall) says:

      My name is Erin and I’m a part of the Fizzion team. We are so sorry to hear about your experience with Fizzion and we would love the opportunity to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We have had some problems with our website lately, so perhaps you attempted to visit the site during one of our unfortunate downtimes and for that I apologize.

      If there are specific stain or product topics that we can assist you with, please feel free to call or email us. Terrance Reeves handles all our customer service and would be happy to assist!

      Erin Wall

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