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Would you like to train cat to use toilet? Many people have done it and have found it fairly simple to train their cat.

After all, all kitties like to have a clean place to poop. If you are bad about scooping the litter box , then training your cat to use the toilet, might be the best of both worlds for you and your cat. If you cat has a clean place to go number two, then she or he will be less likely to go the bathroom in the wrong places in your home.

Things to Consider When Preparing to Train Cat to Use Toilet:

  • Your Cat’s Litter Pan
  • Sheet of heavy cardboard (strong enough to hold the weight of your cat) and deli plastic tray
  • Get a lot of Phone Books or Newspapers to raise the litter box to a toilet height
  • Stainless steel salad bowl that fits the inside of your toilet bowl, great if the bowl has a lip on it and if it is the same circumference as your toilet. You can always use a strainer or a colander as well
  • Duct tape

As with any training, toilet training has to be done in stages. You also have to have a considerable amount of patience in this process. If, for example, your cat begins to protest (i.e. peeing where she or he should not), then it is time to slow down and return to the previous step.

Be aware that the cat toilet train process can be anywhere from a 2-day training process to a 2 month one. It just depends on your kitty, well and your dedication to training.

Here Are the Steps to Train Cat to Use Toilet by Gale Marshall:


1. Move the litter box to in front of the toilet; be sure to show your cat where you have put it. Leave the box there until you have noticed that your cat is accepting of the litter box’s new location. Be aware that you will scoop your cat’s litter still, but you will not be adding more litter.
2. Elevate the litter box up by 2″ by putting a phone book or something sturdy underneath the box. Leave the box elevated for a couple of days, or at least a day if the cat doesn’t mind.
3. The next step is to elevate it another 2 inches, and repeat this until the litter box is level with the toilet. Be sure to take a few days of rest in between the process.
4. When the litter box on phone books is parallel to the toilet level, take it off the risers and put it on the seat (secure it to the toilet seat with duct tape, as an unsteady litter box, will call for an uneasy kitty); leave the litter box on top of the toilet seat until the cat shows no problems, and at this point, the cat will no longer be covering it’s poop or pee because there isn’t a lot of litter in the box.
5. Take the box off and put a piece of plastic board under the seat (not the lid, but the seat), and add a small handful of litter onto the cardboard. When the cat eliminates on the cardboard, clean up and put more litter, but less each time. By the time you are not adding more litter, make a hole in the middle of the board, and hopefully, the cat will aim for the hole, but don’t worry here. You just want the cat to use the toilet to eliminate.
6. Make the hole bigger, and put the stainless steel salad bowl that fits the inside of your toilet bowl below your board (secure the bowl in its location by using duct tape); the cat might try to stand in the bowl, and if this happens, put a little bit of water in it. Leave it like this until you have 100% use, no accidents.
7. Take away the board but leave the bowl. If the cat uses the bowl to stand in, add more water, but don’t clean it religiously…or the cat might start drinking the water. When the cat is clutching the seat and eliminating into the bowl, you can take away the bowl, but keep it handy, just in case.
8. When the cat is sitting on the seat and eliminating into the toilet, be sure to REWARD BIG TIME!!

Accidents Happen When You Train Cat to Use Toilet

If during the process, your kitty goes the bathroom in the wrong place, use these quick and simple steps to eliminate the problem:

  • Fill the sink or tub with an inch to two of water. (If that was the location.)
  • Place beach balls or empty plastic bottles in the location
  • Place pine cones in the houseplants. (No place to dig.)
  • Placed food dish in the location (cats are less likely to poo where they eat.

To Flush or Not to Flush, That is the Question When You Train Cat to Use Toilet.

Some cat owners have taught their cat to flush the toilet after they have taught them to use the toilet. However, many cats enjoy watching their poop and pee go down the toilet, therefore they will continue to flush the toilet. As a result, cat owners have had what-they-thought-were unexplained high water bills, until they catch the cat flushing the toilet for fun, like this YouTube video shows:

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