TopCat Products Make Great Cat Climbers

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Charlie, Ragdoll Cat, on a sisal scratching postTopCat Products is one a company who specializes in the production of sisal scratching posts for cats. It is a company who’s main goal is to create a cat post that is sturdy enough to provide a substitute for your home furnishings and for frequent scratching.

TopCat chooses the best of the best features from other posts and then adds several and more quality-based improvements. TopCat’s designs are so effective and efficient that other companies have tried to produce or copy the same designs. To prevent this, all of the company’s cat scratching posts are manufactured in their facility in Tennessee, USA – love products made in the USA!

TopCat uses a hollow tube and a thicker base which concentrates more weight where it is needed – at the bottom of the scratching post. The round design is larger than the square posts which gives more surface area and distributes the activity of scratching more evenly.

Cat Scratching Pole

TopCat Product Features:

  • 32" tall, the tallest post you’ll ever find, providing a full stretch for your dear cat
  • Maple grain vinyl or oak framed sisal covered 16" square base
  • A generous portion of organic catnip is included which helps create immediate interest for your kitty (available without catnip upon request)
  • Lasts longer than square cat scratching pole
  • Unique recessed top, a great place for cat toys
  • Made to work/complement with carpet, tile or hardwood floors
  • Strong metal to metal attachment system prevents "wobble"
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble (no tools required)
  • Similar to the felix Katnip Tree, Karate Kat or Ultimate Post but with several quality improvements
  • Replacement posts available for previous TopCat Customers
  • Made from the finest furniture grade materials available
  • No chemicals, wood stains or paint
With TopCat Sisal Scratching Post for cats, you can save your furniture plus your kitty’s claws!
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