Top 5 Reasons I Prefer Sisal Cat Scratching Posts Over Carpet Ones

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Sisal Cat Scratching PostsI really never know that carpet scratching posts were a problem until I started doing this website.

Of course, I always thought they were uglier than sin, but I didn’t think they were bad, per say

Here are the top 5 reasons I prefer sisal cat scratching posts over carpet ones:

  1. Sisal is not a common material found throughout your house and therefore you probably don’t have furniture made out of sisal or have sisal on your stairs.  Carpet on the other hand is probably on your stairs and is probably on your floor.  So as far as the cat is concerned, the carpet on your scratching post and the carpet on your stairs is the same and both fair game.  
  2. Carpet is just ugly – stop using it.
  3. Cat climbing trees with sisal allow cats to climb more easily, not to mention that sisal seems to last about 3 times as long as carpet.
  4. Carpet scratching posts are probably one of the big reasons why people declaw cats and also one of the reasons they get rid of them – because they are taught destructive behavior.  If I could eliminate carpet scratching posts I would.
  5. They are UGLY – yes, again!!

Do you have favorite cat climbers?  Charlie and Trigg’s favorite sisal post is by Top Cat Products and is pictured in this post.

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