Top 3 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

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Having been associated with humans for nearly 9500 years, cats have become a really huge part of society. The ancient Egyptians cared so much about their cats, they worshipped their cat-goddess, Bast, and mummified their pet cats so that they’d be able to be with them in the the afterlife.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, however, felines were looked up on as the evil companions of witches, which led to the wilful destruction of Europe’s cat population which, in turn, resulted in an explosion in the rat population. With this rise came the Black Death all over Europe.

Today, of course, the graceful cat has won our hearts around, and we now collect all manner and means of cat-themed memorabilia, from paintings, to furnishings, ornaments, clothing, photographs and everything in between. But what are the best gifts for cat lovers?

Cat Photography

Image courtesy of Stephen McGrath

What better way to honour your beloved feline friend than to book them a session at a cat photography specialist’s studio? It’s becoming increasingly common for cat owners to attach a great deal of value to beautifully-shot, high quality professional portraits of their treasured friend, and this is the kind of gift that will remain with a cat owner forever. And what’s more, you can choose to have your photos as loose prints, framed prints, put into albums, printed on canvas, acrylics, or as digital files so you can get them printed at a later date.

Self-Cleaning Litter Tray

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Image courtesy of The Litter Maid

Cats use their litter tray between three and five times per day. Health professionals recommend that in order to maintain a healthy, happy pet and family, the litter tray should be cleared of faeces after every single use. Of course, for the majority of cat owners, this is simply impractical. A self-cleaning litter tray will dispose of cat litter clumps every time they go, day or night, and even while you’re away – so this gift is a fantastic idea for both owner and cat alike and will significantly improve the quality of both your lives.

Professional Cat Training

Image courtesy of Sunday Williams

If someone you know is struggling with an unruly cat, or simply wants to teach them a thing or two, then this is the ultimate in thoughtful gift experiences you can give a cat owner. Soon, their cat will come to them when they call, stop scratching where they shouldn’t, and might even perform a few cute tricks!


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