Top 10 Cat Toys Felines Love According to Cat Owners

The world of cat toys is almost as vast and full of variety as the world of toys for human children, so it’s no wonder a cat owner takes to the internet to ask for suggestions on what other cats love. When one cat lover, who owns multiple cats, is looking for new cat toy ideas, other owners are thrilled to offer their ideas and experience, or rather their cats’ experience, with various toys.

This collective exchange of insights showcases the diverse preferences of our feline companions and helps us discover the most engaging toys to keep them entertained.

Kitty Entertainment

Little Kitten with its paws up in the air.
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Or should we say their cats’ tell-all tales, with an array of captivating toys. From interactive laser chasers that lead to wild cat acrobatics, to feather wands that prompt hilarious pouncing spectacles, these feline enthusiasts can’t wait to divulge the playtime secrets that have turned their kitties into little entertainment maestros.

1. Spring Toys

Child paying with a cat toy while the cat looks on.
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Many cat owners swear by the spring toys for cats and say that their cats “love” them; several even describe their cats as “obsessed” with these toys. Others expressed gratitude that these toys come in packs of ten because they constantly disappear and reappear in the house. But when there are so many in the pack, you don’t have to worry about fishing them out from under the furniture and can just give the cats a new one.

2. Mouse Toys

A cat playing with a mouse toy.
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We all know the stereotype about cats and mice, so it’s no wonder many cat owners say their cats love their mouse toys. Whether they’re made with real or fake fur, have rattles inside or plastic balls attached to them, or any other variety of mice attached to a wand or loose, cats seem to love every version of mouse toys. However, some owners say the rattling noises that bring their cats joy aren’t always so fun for humans to hear.

3. Da Bird

The Da Bird Value Pack

Da Bird is a classic cat toy and one of the wand toys that comes most highly and specifically endorsed. Several cat owners highlight the ability to switch out feathers on the end as a highlight, while others say that it’s the only toy their cat will show any interest in.

However, one cat owner whose cat loves Da Bird warns that you must keep it out of reach when it’s not playtime; otherwise, your feline friends will likely knock anything and everything in their way over to get it.

4. Ball Tower

Orange Cats playing with another cat
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One owner of multiple cats says that some of their cats’ preferences vary depending on their intelligence. This cat owner differentiated between their intelligent cats and their “less than smart cat” and said that the not-as-bright kitty plays with the ball tower toy all the time and “somehow makes it the most engaging toy in the house.”

5. Kong Wand

Ragdoll Cat with Tongue Out.
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The Kong Wand is another wand toy one cat owner said they’ve loved for years. They say their cats enjoy the toy’s texture, feathers, and flexibility, while they love its durability. It’s survived three kittens and “nary a dent.”

6. Tunnels

A Ragdoll cat playing in a tunnel toy.
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Cats love to explore, so it’s no wonder that cat tunnels are such a popular toy. Several commenters say that their cats love the tunnels they have, and some specify that their cats love the sounds crinkly tunnels make.

7. Rotating Catch Toys

A kitten sitting and thinking about goldfish.
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One cat owner noted a variety of toys they own but called out the rotating catch toy as their cat’s absolute favorite. These electronic toys allow cats to hunt something seemingly moving on its own, which they love. There are also a variety of toys, some of which have tarps that cover most of the “prey” and others that dangle the object of the hunt in the air.

8. Balls

Cat playing with a ping-pong ball.
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Like dogs and human children, cats seem to love balls. Many respondents noted that their cats could entertain themselves for hours, biting and batting around their ball toys. There are even different kinds that come with cats’ seals of approval: foam, bouncy, and even ping pong.

9. Laser Pointer

A Cat jumping at a laser pointer.
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We’ve all seen videos online of cats desperately and wildly chasing down the impossible-to-catch laser. While some may think this is mean to the cats who will never be able to lay their hands on the object of their hunt, several cat lovers in the thread express that their cats love playing with the laser.

10. Trash/Anything On The Ground

Kitten on a hotel couch playing
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Trash isn’t so much a toy any cat owner can seek out as a hilarious answer that many cat owners agreed upon. Some cats love twist ties left behind from bread and fruit bags, others love bottle caps, and some aren’t picky and will play with “anything small they find on the ground.”

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