Tipsy Nip Tickle Pickle Organic Catnip Review

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Charlie with XL Tickle Pickle from Tipsy Nip
Charlie with XL Tickle Pickle from Tipsy Nip

Tipsy Nip Tickle Pickle Organic Catnip Review

Sometimes there is nothing better than cats on catnip, and when it comes to great cat catnip toys, the Tickle Pickle is one of them.

We were sent the XL Tickle Pickle, which is 11 inches long and the regular one is 6 in. long.  Of course, I don’t think the cats would have cared what the length was, but I was excited that there was a longer one because all too often cat toys are made for regular sized cats, instead of large breed cats like Ragdolls.

I love that this catnip cat toy is great for large breed cats.

Trigg with XL Tickle Pickle from Tipsy Nip
Trigg with XL Tickle Pickle from Tipsy Nip

The Tickle Pickle is made soft green fabric that has ridges in it, much like a pickle, and then it’s stuffed with 100% Eye Crossing, High Potency Organic Tipsy Nip™ (catnip) and then sewn together on either side.

The cats love these things – there is one upstairs and one in the basement and I find them in various parts of the house (which always puts a smile on my face).

You can buy the Tickle Pickle and the XL Tickle Pickle for $7 and $10, respectively.

You might be interested in checking out the other great catnip cat toys on Tipsy Nip’s website.

Trigg with XL Tickle Pickle from Tipsy Nip
Trigg with XL Tickle Pickle from Tipsy Nip

Catching the cats playing with a catnip toy is not the easiest thing. For example, the second I grabbed my camera to film Charlie, he gets up and asks me to go outside or for food. In other words, he knows that when he gets my undivided attention, he’d better take advantage of it. Trigg is a little less needy, so he played for a bit, but had just woken from a nap, so wasn’t as rambunctious as he usually is. They do kick the heck out of these things. It’s funny.

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4 thoughts on “Tipsy Nip Tickle Pickle Organic Catnip Review

  1. Flowerpower018 says:

    I’ve been looking for some healthy food for the cat I will get soon and I was wondering what it should eat. I watched the videos of your cats trying out foods but I haven’t been able to find those foods in my local stores or on the local stores’ websites. Do you know of some good cat food brands that can be available in MN?

    • Makayla says:

      I’m doing the same thing right now. I was looking at some canned foods to consider and clicked on “Expert Recommended.” I ended up choosing Purina Pro Plan, which had been recommended before. I think it should be in MN, but I’m not sure as I was on Of course, Purina has many different kinds of cat food, so it should be easy to find.

  2. Beth says:

    I’m sure these toys will be wonderful. I have two old Catnip Carrots (free gifts for renewing my I Love Cats subscription years ago). They’ve been accidentally washed a few times when they were tangled up in bedding. I just dip them in or sprinkle them with catnip and they are still popular with my kitties 🙂

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