Tipsy Nip Catnip Toys Giveaway Winner Reports Back!

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Nip_001In September, we had a bonus giveaway for Tipsy Nip Catnip Toys.  Marilyn and her 9 (!) cats were lucky winners.  Marilyn was kind enough to send in these photos and then said:

“My nine boys were very excited to receive the Tickle Pickle prizes and attached are some pictures of them enjoying them after they were first opened.  #17 is my indoor feral (who has been inside most of his life, but still considers himself feral”

Love all the photos!  Thanks, Marilyn!

Nip_002 Nip_003 Nip_004 Nip_005 Nip_006 Nip_007 Nip_008 Nip_009 Nip_010 Nip_011 Nip_012 Nip_013 Nip_014 Nip_017

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