Tips for Taking Photos of Your Cat: Advice from a Cat Blogger

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How I Take Cat Photos as a Cat Blogger

As a cat blogger and reviewer, I am constantly taking cat photos.  I am not a professional photographer – certainly.  I still could improve my photography and will take any tips you have.  But many readers have commented about how much they like our photos – even when they are taken on my iPhone, so I made a video to show how I go about getting somewhat decent photos of my cats.  I posted the video on our YouTube channel a few days ago.

Here are the simple steps I follow:

  1. Get down to the cat’s level – so you are taking the photo from their perspective
  2. Make sure the light source is not behind them – I am not always great about this
  3. Grab a stick or something that will get their attention to look up or look at your camera – play with them as you do it, so that you can snap a few

In the digital age, it is easy to snap a ton of photos and then just go through and delete the ones you’re not interested in or the ones that didn’t turn out that great.

Do you like to take photos or videos of your cat?  What do you do to get great cat photos?


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