Tiki Cat Food Review

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Jenny

Every cat needs to eat and when visiting any local grocery store it is easy to become overwhelmed with the choices.  There are cat food types for kittens, overweight cats, older felines, indoor pets, and those that need more nutrition.  It is hard to decide.  The challenge with a pure breed is that most owners also want the best when it comes to food.

One of the higher end cat foods that is available is Tiki Cat Food which is available in Wild Salmon, Ahi Tuna with Chicken Consomme, Ahi Tuna and Mackerel in Tuna Consomme, and Chicken with Egg Consomme.  These sound like items on a fine dining menu but are created specifically with your felines in mind.  Though the flavors have been listed here the names are actually very Hawaiian in nature and listed below.

Tiki Cat Canned Wild SalmonServe as cat snacks between meals or as the whole meal itself, these cat food flavors are unique and something that most Ragdolls will enjoy. The ingredients are all natural with added vitamins and minerals to help keep your cat healthy and happy. As sometimes recommended in Ragdoll books the food is also low carb, low sodium, and low magnesium to help your Ragdoll stay his or her best.

Koolina Luau – Chicken with Egg Consomme

Hanalei Luau – Wild Salmon in Salmon Consomme

Hookena Luau – Ahi Tuna and Chicken in Chicken Consomme

Papeekeo Luau – Ahi Tuna and Mackerel in Ahi Tuna Consomme

Have you allowed your cat to try Tiki Cat Food?  How would you rate the product? Let others know in the Ragdoll forum.

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