Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food – Review by Floppycats.com

Post Published on July 5, 2011 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Trigg Eating Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food
Trigg Eating Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food

Next up in our Tiki Cat line up of canned cat food is their Wild Salmon in Salmon Consomme.  They sent us 4 wet cat food flavors to try and this is the second one to be featured.  You might have already read our Tiki Cat Chicken with Egg in Chicken Consomme Review.

They sent us (I crossed out the ones we’ve reviewed now):

  • Koolina Luau – Chicken with Egg in Chicken Consomme
  • Hanalei Luau – Wild Salmon in Salmon Consomme
  • Hookena Luau – Ahi Tuna and Chicken in Chicken Consomme
  • Papeekeo Luau – Ahi Tuna and Mackerel in Tuna Consomme

Trigg and Charlie definitely liked this flavor (you can see them eating it in the video below).  I like it because their food is made of whole foods.    They are all natural and have vitamins and minerals added.   It’s also a low magnesium cat food, low sodium wet cat food and a low card moist cat food.

I also really enjoy the fact that Tiki Cat has named their different moist cat food flavors after Hawaiian names (as you might have noticed by the list of cans that were sent to us above) – but here’s an example of what this flavor is called:

Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food

I also like that their product looks like what is described on the outside of the can.  In other words, when it says that it is Salmon – it ends up looking like Salmon on the inside of the can.  In the video below, I open the can during the video and dump it into their bowls, so you can tell how fresh it looks.

I know there are readers out there that are more educated than I am about the ingredients in cat food, so please feel free to comment on the ingredients, if you have a deeper knowledge than I do.

Here is a list of the ingredients in this food:

Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food ingredients
Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food ingredients

Looking to Buy Tiki Cat Food? You can buy the Variety Pack through the Cat Connection for $11.50.  If you know of less expensive online retailer where you can buy Tiki cat food, please share it with everyone by leaving a comment below with a link and the price listed.

Unfortunately at this time, Tiki Cat doesn’t have a Facebook page – I wish they would get one!!

Does your cat eat Tiki canned cat food?  If so, what are his or her favorite flavors?

Here is a video of Charlie and Trigg trying Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food for the first time.

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5 thoughts on “Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food – Review by Floppycats.com

  1. Nina says:

    I have been feeding my cat Lilly ragdoll/Birman 2 cans a day with tiki for 2 months. She prefers the tuna on rice with prawns, chicken with egg and chicken consommé, wild salmon with chicken and salmon consommé mackerel sardines and calamari consommé and tilapia on rice. She also just loves my reverse osmosis water she won’t even touch tap and I don’t blame her with all the chlorine bacterias metals etc

  2. kelli says:

    hi, just was turned on to this food by a friend. one of my girls, jadzia, has a major food chewing problem, and i am hoping to lessen it with a change in her diet. so the tiki food is a hit. mostly, she is not that interested in food, but now she is all bright eyed and chirping when the cans come out, and it has only been three days. they prefer the fishy flavors, will touch nothing that has beef i it, and we haven’t trid the chicken flaovr yet. i
    m pretty encouraged. for purchasing the variety pack online: heartypet.com has it for $9.50 plus shipping, and they offer a consistent/regular shipping plan (i can’t think of the word…) that will give you 50% off the shipping.

  3. Susan Fox says:

    My cats have been eating Tiki cat food for at least 6 months or more. I tried the variety pack but ended up sticking with the Puka Puka or succulent chicken in chicken consomme. The food is made out of human grade meat and it looks it when you open the can it’s all white chicken meat. I feel we could eat it just like the tuna we get from Starkist. It smells good and really looks good and my cats love it. They aren’t as fond of some of the seafood kinds they make but they don’t like beef much either. But they do like the chicken and egg also.

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