Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter at Target - Display
Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter at Target next to regular weight litter – so you can test out the difference.

We received Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter to review about 1 month ago.  Charlie and Trigg don’t use Tidy Cats litter, but my brother’s cat, Boots, uses it.  So I reached out to my brother and sister-in-law to see if they would be interested in trying it out on Boots.  They obliged.

So this review is a bit different because I didn’t review it – but you can see our arrival video below and also how Boots reacted when I brought it over to her home.

Tidy Cat Litter – Lightweight Formula

My sister-in-law did write a review of their experience:

Overall, we are very pleased with our transition from regular Tidy Cats Litter to the Lightweight formula. Upon first pouring the litter into the litter box, it has a fragrant smell, similar to a dryer sheet. I was a little afraid that our cat would be turned off by the scent, but she had no problem using the new litter.  

Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter at Target - Display
Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter at Target – Display

I began the process by having 2 litter boxes, one with her regular litter and one with the Lightweight litter. After a few days, our cat began to use both boxes. Then I mixed the litter half regular and half lightweight, and she continued to use the litter mix. Now we have fully transitioned to the Lightweight litter, and she has used her litter box regularly with no problems.

The litter is significantly lighter than regular litter. Our cat’s waste clumps into easy to remove balls. I’ve noticed that some litters have a chemical smell after our cat used her litter box, but with the lightweight formula, I don’t notice that smell. Cleaning our cat’s litter box has become a much easier task!

I would definitely recommend this product! And will continue to use the Lightweight Litter instead of the regular weight litter.


You can find the litter in major retailers like Target (as I did – in the photos), Petsmart, Petco, etc.

Have you tried Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter with your kitty?

I thought the scented cat litter was overly scented and would be interested in Tidy Cats coming out with an unscented version of the litter.

Here is our arrival video:

Here’s the video of Boots being introduced to it for the first time – to be fair though, we were in the kitchen – not where Boots’ litter box is.

We received Tidy Cats Lightweight litter for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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18 thoughts on “Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter Review

  1. Gayly Gardner Opem says:

    Have you read the reports from consumers that Tidy Cat Lightweight Litter is causing health problems with cats from eye problems to lung and respiratory. A person came into the shelter where I volunteer and said his cat was killed by silicone coating its lungs from this litter. His veterinarian has certified the cat death from this cause and he has an insurance contact from Purina offering to settle his claim. This sounds serious and I’m interested in anything you have heard. Gayly Opem Tel. 361-790-0015

  2. Nancy says:

    How safe can this be? My brother is using it for two cat’s, they leave a trail of paw print’s up the basement steps. One is half Persian and this stuff get’s stuck in her fur all the time. What happens when she washes it off and this get’s into her stomach? Is it clumping inside of her? Let me know, if anyone can, will this make her sick?

  3. lisa evak says:

    I agree I love the litewieght litter, easy on the wrist and arm, the cats won’t use it because it is over scented. I would be interested in an unscented version. I use alot, took home 12 abandoned cats several years ago.

  4. GeoC says:

    I only use unscented / fragrance free litters. Too bad there are not more of them! I think all those added chemicals are BAD for our cats, especially in a covered box. Unless they come out with this in an unscented form, I won’t be using it.

  5. Nan says:

    Hi Jenny,
    The other light weight brand is made by Cat’s Pride. I don’t care for regular Cat’s Pride as I find it too dusty, but the light weight one works good and the cats like the lighter weight too.

  6. Nan says:

    I went to buy the new light litter and found another company is making a light weight litter and the price was several dollars less and no smell. I can’t remember the name of the manufacturer, but it comes in a lightly tinted green container. The cats love this one and so do I as it’s easier to carry. I don’t think I will spend the extra money on the Tidy Cat’s brand as mine are satisfied with the other one. If I remember the name I will post again, or perhaps someone else has tried it and will respond.

    • Jenny says:

      Nan, I am pleased to hear you found a litter that works for both you and your cats =). If you come across the name, please do share.

  7. Abby Normal says:

    I wish it didn’t cost so much more than the regular stuff. Other than that, my cats and I both love it. It’s especially great when you have several cats and large catboxes to deal with!

  8. Ragdoll Mommy says:

    What a great review!

    I only use Fresh Step on my Ragdolls:-) as it works GREAT!
    Nico&Anya didn’t like Tidy Cats.

    What does that kind of litter smell like?

  9. Rochelle Moser says:

    My two ragdolls used this litter immediately. no hesitation. Plus–It is so much easier to haul around. two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me and my ragdolls, Liam & Ronan.

  10. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny!

    I’m a long time user of the Tidy Cat Small Spaces Clumping Litter formula. I recently bought a 20 pound jug of this lightweight litter and it’s truly amazing. The 20 pound worth jug was so much lighter than an actual 20 pound jug’s worth of the Small Spaces formula. Sooooo much easier to lug this lightweight formula up to our apartment. Hauling those real 20 pound jugs up is such a pain!

    Plus, Pink Sugar took to the lightweight litter formula immediately. It sure does take the strain off of my hand and wrist when I’m scooping. It’s weird at first, as you expect the heaviness you’re used to and it’s just not there.

    I will definitely be buying this product from here on out. It does cost more but it’s worth it!

    Very warmest regards,

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

      • Patti Johnson says:

        I agree with your sister-in-law. It was a light scent reminiscent of a dryer sheet. Not too cloying or anything. Pink Sugar didn’t care either. It didn’t bother her. I’m hoping they’ll eventually come out with an unscented version of this litter. 🙂

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