Thor – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

1st picture of Thor
1st picture of Thor

Hello from South Africa!

His name is Thor. A Godly name for a Godly kitten.   “Thor” is known as the God of Thunder in ancient mythology but to me this little Royal kitten is known as the God of love.  He has brought so much love and happiness into our home.  The story behind getting Thor is actually a very sad one but we will share it with you nonetheless.  I was blessed enough to have had a cat for 16 years of my life (I am now 26) She was a lovely Maine Coon with a very particular personality, a personality that captured my heart. Her name was Mona. She showed me so much love and affection and I had a lot of respect and love to give back to her during those 16 years. With great sadness and heartbreak we had to put her down on the 14th of February 2012, ironically on Valentine’s Day. I was devastated; my baby girl had left me. I felt an emptiness that only a mother could feel, a void with no chance of ever being filled again. I was told by friends and family to get another kitten, but I was too heart sore to do that. “Time heals all “they would tell me, but that was not true with my Maine Coon. As the days passed, the greater the heartache became.

Thor - Ragdoll Kitten of the MonthI tried to Google and find cats that I was interested in and which was not a Maine Coon.  But I found myself opening pages on Maine Coons and crying by just the resemblance of one to my baby girl. It then happened…the page that opened showed me the details of a breeder that breeds both Maine Coons and Ragdolls. My search began the moment I laid my eyes on a picture of a ragdoll kitten. I became so excited to get a Ragdoll. I researched on the breed “Ragdoll”, their characteristics and about their individual qualities, a perfect match in my mind.

I drove to a breeder in Pretoria and laid eyes on Thor, the most beautiful kitten that I had ever seen. His bright blue eyes looked into mine and spoke to me and they let me know that it is ok to love him and that he was in no way replacing Mona but that he was here to bring me the happiness and love Mona gave me.

Thor - Ragdoll Kitten of the MonthI was supposed to collect him at the end of February 2013, but as fate laid down our path, he was ready for me on Valentine’s Day 2013. I felt that Mona had already chosen Thor for me and that she handpicked him to be new Mona. I collected him that evening and I fell in love with immediately. He not only has given me the strength to let go, but he has taught me that it is not TIME that heals all, but LOVE.  He shows me every day that he is my hearts protector.  He is my hero and that is how he got his name “Thor”.

And this is the story of how we met. He is a mighty presence at home and carries with him a big loving heart. He has the most beautiful nature towards people and has a very big personality to go with his name.

The pictures attached are from when he came home at 12 weeks including the most recent photo of last week. So please, meet Thor (just over 3 months old now). The last picture being the most recent will show you his Godly nature just by his pose.

Thor - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Thor - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month
March 2013



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  1. And I forgot to say that Thor is beautiful and I hope we get to see his progress.

  2. Hi Claudia – I too was struck by your profound statement that love heals all wounds. Luckily, we have pets who love us unconditionally – so we can heal securely. It is said our pets pick us and not the other way around. I am glad you found Thor so he could pick you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story of healing. It is full of hope for all.

  3. If only our cats could live as long in good health as we do! Losing a constant kitty companion/friend is like losing a human friend or family member. We never find replacements but we do open our hearts again. Thank you for sharing your story of Mona and telling how Thor has helped you smile anew! He is very beautiful and will bring you many years of joy 🙂

    1. Hi Beth,

      Yes I agree with you, if only. But all our time is borrowed, both human beings and animals but I was very lucky to have Mona for so many years and Thor has helped me move on.. Thank you so much for your msg and for taking the time to read my story 😉

      1. People often say if you want a lifelong pet you should get a parrot or an elephant. Neither would be a good fit for me but kitties are perfect. Unlike humans, they love us unconditionally and the only time they break our hearts is when they die. My fur babies are the sweetest parts of my life and I love them ever so much 🙂 Thank you for your reply, Claudia. Reading about others who love their kitties the way I love mine always touches my heart <3

  4. I am so sorry to hear, yes it is very hard, but again ” love heals all”…You are most welcome and I am grateful for being able to share the story with you…Claudia

  5. Stephanie says:

    My first two cats (siblings) lived to 18 and 19, so I understand your grief. As a person and a cat lover, your story really touched me. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations and cherish your new baby!

  6. “….that it is not time that heals all wounds, but love.”
    Just beautiful. Couldn’t agree more. And a huge Congratulations!!

  7. Thor looks like he has a lot of love to share! So glad you found each other- sounds like it was meant to be. Will look forward to seeing future pix of him as he grows up into a handsome guy.

    1. I will most definitely post more pix as he grows up and he has a little sister with him now too so I will post some of the two of the together. Her name is Lexi and she is just as adorable.

  8. Such a sweet story and love Thor. He is a real beauty.

    1. Thank you for your comment, that is my baby Thor. 😉 Its a beautiful story worth sharing with the world. Claudia xoxoxo

    2. Thank you. Reading my story again has brought tears to my eyes but happy tears because he has touched so many other hearts too…

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