This Drinking Fountain Really is For Lucky Kitties

Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by Jenny

Lucky-Kitty Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountain UK-Plug The Lucky-Kitty Ceramic Cat Fountain is an easy way to entice your beloved cat to drink more water. Cats instinctually prefer to drink from running water rather than water that has been sitting in a bowl for hours at a time. Because of this, they frequently face problems related to dehydration. We need to keep our furry friends hydrated to lower their risk of kidney or urinary disease and help them live longer. A cat water fountain can do just that.

Lucky-Kitty accomplishes this with their elegant yet simple design. Made of ceramic, it is still vastly superior to most ceramic cat bowls out there. When it's running, it's very sturdy and nearly silent. Because it doesn't make much noise, leaving the Lucky-Kitty Ceramic Cat Fountain running all day shouldn't be an issue. This fountain was specifically created to be left up and running to allow cats to drink from it at any point, as if it were a stream out in the wild. This appeals to a cat's instincts.

Purchasing a fountain for your cat is a great way to improve his or her health without a costly vet visit. Next time you're about to buy some cat snacks for your little one, consider buying a water fountain as a better investment in his or her future instead. This particular design has a high value because customers have reported that the fountain lasts years and holds up to normal wear and tear. It's hard to find such high quality products and at such reasonable prices, but it seems like Lucky-Kitty has accomplished bringing the two together.

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