These Jstory Smile Tab Stickers are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

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Jstory Smile Tab Stickers - CatWho said cat toys were only for cats? These Jstory Smile Tab Stickers are simply too cute to pass up. Featuring tiny little cartoonish cat faces that look like a caricature of your furry pal, these will put a smile on anyone's grumpy face.

That's right. Forget treats for cats right now and treat yourself for once. You deserve it for being such a good friend to your cuddly cat. The perfect way to celebrate this is with these adorable cat stickers. Not only do they serve as cute stickers, but these serve a more utilitarian purpose as well. That purpose is to keep your place on multiple pages, whether those pages be of a textbook, cookbook, or anything else. These stickers add a little bit of fun to what would normally be the rather boring task of bookmarking pages. It's hard to imagine studying for a test not to be lacking in excitement, but these Jstory Smile Tab Stickers can only help the situation.

These are simply one of those great cat products… aimed toward cat lovers rather than actual cats this time! If you want to show the world your love for felines, this is a great way to do it. At the same time, since the stickers serve another purpose, you won't have to justify spending money on yourself.

Each pack of these stickers contains 51 of them total. Amongst these 51 stickers, there are three different designs so that you can spice up your bookmarks with more variety. Jstory also has frog, owl, bee, and seal stickers to combine with your cat stickers if you have a fondness for animals and insects in general.

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