The Value of an International Ragdoll Cat Lover Community

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Jaska on his 9th Birthday - Dec. 30, 2009
Jaska on his 9th Birthday - Dec. 30, 2009

When I created this website over 3 years ago, I seemed to get more responses from people outside the United States than I did within the United States.

That’s what made me realize how big the International Ragdoll Cat lover community actually is.

Then Facebook came about and an even larger community appeared.


Being able to have contact with people all over the world and knowing how they care for their Ragdolls – including what they feed their cats, what vaccines they give, what litter they like, etc. has been an incredible opportunity for us all.

Featured in this post is Jaska, a 10-year old Ragdoll cat  who lives in Finland.  He’s owned by Leena Virtanen, who I met through a Yahoo! Ragdoll cat group.  I am completely obsessed with Jaska – he reminds me of my love, Caymus.  I affectionally call him, “Jaska the Great!”  What a beauty he is.

My relationship with Leena is a perfect example of how the Internet, Facebook and the like have helped connect us all and I hope we continue to take advantage of it.

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  1. Can you send me blog updates via email? Fun to read. I am currently living in Sicily with my husband and I have been looking all over for a Ragdoll close to here. I would ideally like a kitten, but would also consider adopting one. 🙂 I really like the seal mitted darker face, and the chocolate coloring of the cat above, so cute!

    1. Yes, you can sign up for e-mail updates on the right side of the site – just enter your email address and hit submit. Then wait for a confirmation email and approve that you want the updates and you’ll get them every time they come out.

  2. Hi Jenny, we are happy you found such a super sized community of Ragdolls. I love your site so much because I am always reminded of my cat Burt, who may not even have been a Ragdoll mix, but he sure had a lot of the characteristics.

  3. Thank you so much from New Zealand in being a world wide floppy cat ambassador. We so appreciate all that you do to help us be better furbaby parents. Love your newsletters, blogs and videos.

  4. Olivia is like older than that cat in Finland, she is 18 years old and she had a kitten like attitude. I will be lost without her snuggling my chest in the night during the morning hours. She will be around til I am still alive. Look at my long tailed gold fish named Honey Dew. It lasted 23 years. I put my aquarium away so I won’t want a new fish. Olivia is my guardian pet. She is sleeping on her window cat bed that I have stuck to the window. She eat my ice cream cones when I gave it to her. I am dumb to eat my ice cream cone with my Ragdoll, isn’t that right Jenny?

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