The Ultimate Play Area for your Cat from Go Pet Club

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GoPetClub "Jungle GYM" Cat Tree Furniture Condo Bed House Pet Scratcher Post FC01

If this isn’t the ultimate design in cat tree houses then who knows what is! With its three condo houses, three baskets, three ladders, two hanging ropes and an impressive 12 sisal cat scratching posts, your cat, or cats, will never get bored or fight for the same lounging spot again. It is quite a big thing but for multiple cats it means you only need one tree and not several dotted around the house.

Obviously with the price being as reasonable as it is, the condos and platforms aren’t covered with thick luxurious carpet as some more expensive cat climbing trees are, but apparently the faux fur is good quality and very warm and comfy for your kitties. The best feature though is the top pole, which is adjustable to fit most rooms and keeps your cat tree stable and firmly where you put it…even if you do have three or four excitable kitties jumping around on it.

There are hundreds of cat climbing gyms available on the internet but this one stands out as having everything needed to keep a multi-cat household happy, and it doesn’t cost the earth to buy or ship.

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