The Triple Cat Perch: Three Times the Relaxation!

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Triple Cat Perch Color: BrownThe Triple Cat Perch by New Cat Condos makes it easy for most of us to understand why our furry friends love cat perches so much. They are essentially the finest in cat lounging, providing soft and comfortable areas from which our cats can watch us. Yes, that's right, watch us. Just as you like to watch your cat running after the laser pointer, he probably finds enjoyment in watching you go about your day. Cats are curious after all.

So New Cat Condos' Triple Cat Perch features not only enough room for one cat, but for up to three. Similarly, you could use it for one cat, allowing them to choose the level they prefer. At 33 inches in height, the perches could also double as cat window perches, giving your Ragdoll the option of watching what's happening outside (this mainly depends on how far from the floor your windows are positioned so don't forget to measure that beforehand). The tree of perches comes in brown and features two sisal cat scratching posts on each side of it, so your cat can lounge at the same as they work on keeping their nails strong and healthy.

The Triple Cat Perch is fully carpeted and arrives already having been assembled, which is just fantastic for those of us who love our cats but are not the best at putting pieces together. This piece of furniture is made of sturdy wood too and can even hold a cat of up to 15 pounds on the highest tier.

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