The Stow From Moderncat Studio – The Perfect Cat Toy Storage, Scratch & Play Center For Your Cats!

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Moderncat Studio presents their newest and latest cat product offering – the Stow. This cat scratcher is perfectly designed to meet the entertainment and leisure needs of your cats. The Stow provides your kitty with multiple functions such as cat toy storage, scratch area and a play center all in just one item!

Moderncats' Stow

Since most cats have their own preferences of choosing their scratchers (whether vertically or horizontally), Moderncat’s Stow can definitely offer your cat the choice of both! You can position it in either direction and let your cat just scratch her paws all the way out, plus the scratch pad portion of Stow can be easily replaced so no need to worry if time comes that it’ll be torn off already.

Moderncats' Stow

Stow comes with a wooden ball toy that can be placed at either end of the scratcher to entice your kitty to scratch and play. You can also notice an angled design that accommodates the baseboards so that Stow can be positioned vertically against a wall. Non-skid feet keep the Stow in place on hard floors, it also protects your floors from any unneccessary scratches.

Moderncats' Stow

Aside from being a scratch area to your cats, the Stow also works as a cat toy storage container. It allows you to place some of your kitty’s toys inside the container and let your kitty have some fun time by reaching towards the peep holes to find her toys and goodies. That’ll definitely be some entertainment not just for your cat but also for you as you watch her play and have some fun.

Moderncats' Stow

The Stow cat product was designed with the team at Juggernaut Design in Scottsdale, Arizona. Each one is individually handcrafted and finished to order with your color specifications. A limited number of Stows are available via the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop for $125 each plus shipping.

There are variety of colors to choose from to customize your own Stow. Four door colors (Orange, Teal, Yellow and Green) combine with ten different carpet tiles or two sisal options.

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