The Stimulo Cat Feeder for All Round Entertainment

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It’s no secret that cats love cat snacks but simply handing a snack, or treat, to your cat does nothing to stimulate their mind or entertain them. The Stimulo cat feeder does though, and the process of getting the food from the feeder is just as entertaining for you as it is for your cat.

This particular cat feeder has been labeled by vets and pet behaviorists as an interactive toy, and if you only add a treat at a time while your cat isn’t looking it can take them a few minutes each time to locate and retrieve it.

Alternatively you could put the feeder in outdoor cat playpens before you place your cat inside and let him/her root out the treats in their own good time. The feeder is easy to clean, is dishwasher safe and won’t move even during a rigorous pawing session.

If you’re looking for stimulating cat toys online then this one is definitely worth considering. Not only does it satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to hunt and forage it also stops your cat from eating to quickly and suffering from digestive tract problems. So in effect you’re solving two problems with one product.

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