The PurrFect Gripper: Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

The PurrFect Gripper Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener ReviewIn October 2013, we received Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener , so I have been able to product test it for some time.  Granted, it’s not for cat, per say, but it’s shaped like a cat and can help any cat owner.  I think it’s fun that it’s shaped like a cat, so I asked if Kinsman would send us one for review.  Glad they did.

I love something that is many tools in one.  Maybe it’s because I grew up with a dad that either had a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman in his pocket.

The Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener is 5 tools in one:

  1. Serrated Cutter – it has a serrated cutter that is perfect for cutting through seals on jars and bottles
  2. Gripping Cone – helps with removal of bottle caps on soda bottles, water and other beverages.
  3. Cap Extractor – a “X” helps you easily remove the cat that you have removed (see video to see what I mean)
  4. Flex Grip – perhaps it’s main purpose – it makes it easy to open all size lids – like those found on jelly, pickles and hot sauce.
  5. Magnet – there’s a high strength magnet so that you can easily store your gripper on the fridge

I think this thing is very handy to have in your kitchen and would certainly help someone that has difficulty opening jars and bottles.

Use Coupon Code FLOPPYCAT to receive $2 off your purchase of The PurrFect Gripper on their website.

Or order the Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener on Amazon.

Here is our arrival video that features another Kinsman product:

And here is our final review video, demonstrating all the tools that can be found on the The PurrFect Gripper: Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener:

We received the Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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9 thoughts on “The PurrFect Gripper: Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener Review

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny!

    Thanks for the update on this awesome product review!

    I just ordered mine and used the Floppycats discount code. Saved $2.00! Yay!

    I’ve been meaning to order this and it’s on my Amazon Wish List but it’s actually cheaper to get it directly from the product website with the discount code. (Came to $10.94 with shipping. Good deal!) 🙂

    Can’t wait to get this as I can really use it. AND, I can keep it on my fridge so I don’t misplace it in my very small, cluttered kitchen!

    Thanks again for another great review for a product I can really use and actually afford! 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

      • Patti Johnson says:

        Very cool, indeed! 🙂

        I will definitely let you know what I think of it when I get it and use it. 🙂

        Oh, heck yeah. I have tons of trouble opening schtuff! I have diabetic nerve pain/damage (aka Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy) in both hands. I get so frustrated just trying to open any jar or bottle that has a screw-on lid. This little product will really make a difference for me, I think!

        NOTE: I’ve been using one of those old, ugly, plastic gripper thingys and IT even gives me trouble at times. I’ve also used rubber dish gloves in the past to help with my jar/bottle opening issues but it’s such a pain to have to put one on just to try and open something. Ugh!

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

        • Jenny says:

          OH wow – I didn’t know about Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy – good to know that it might help with opening jars. I am sorry to hear you have that – must be frustrating.

          “I’ve also used rubber dish gloves in the past to help with my jar/bottle opening issues but it’s such a pain to have to put one on just to try and open something.” – then this might be great because it’s the silicon rubbery material.

          • Patti Johnson says:

            Thanks, Jenny! [Yes, it’s very frustrating. I also have the nerve pain/damage it both feet, too, but I don’t let any of that stop me from doing what I want to do! I’ve adapted over the last 7 years. Perseverance in my middle name!] 🙂 <3

            Can't wait to get my kitty gripper! 🙂

          • Patti Johnson says:

            Hi, Jenny!

            I got my gripper in the mail yesterday (but it was so darned cold that my hubby didn’t check mail until earlier today. Man, it is SO COLD here the past few days! Brrrrrr…)!

            I road-tested it tonight and it works great! Wow! This is going to make my life so much easier.

            I did learn a big lesson about using it to “burp” my Kombucha bottles, which I always have on my kitchen counter (doing a secondary ferment with flavorings and building up that lovely fizzy taste).

            You have to be quick when “burping” these bottles because the carbon dioxide building up will rise to the top pretty quickly and spew everywhere if you aren’t quick. Now, I already knew this.

            However, I just had to try my new gripper — right? Well, I’m a bit clumsy with the nerve damage in my hands and attempted to “burp” the first bottle with my new gripper. Big mistake. I wasn’t quick enough with the reverse action to tighten the top back on the bottle and spent the last hour mopping up a lovely Kombucha ferment (that had chai spices & rosehips in it for flavoring) from my kitchen counter (aka “Kombucha Central” in my kitchen), part of the kitchen floor and part of the dining room floor. Sigh…. Sometimes, my life is really like an I Love Lucy episode!

            About 3/4 of that bottle of Kombucha sprayed out (like “Old Faithful” at Yellowstone) all over the place. It was really hilarious, actually! Good thing all those areas sprayed needed to be cleaned anyway. lol 🙂

            Very happy with my new gripper! And Bob (the inventor) couldn’t be nicer! And, it’s Made In The USA!

            Big drippy Kombucha-soaked hugs!

            Patti & Pink Sugar (who thankfully was asleep in her Daddy’s recliner through the whole incident!) 🙂 <3

          • Jenny says:

            HI Patti,

            Thanks for the update!

            Wait, do you make your own Kombucha? I buy mine at the store – but never thought of making it! i would not even know where to start!

            i have spilled hte kombucha i buy before and it is a sticky mess – I am sorry about that – not fun!

            I am glad you are happy with your purchase!


          • Patti Johnson says:

            You are most welcome! 🙂

            FYI: I learned all about Kombucha making from the Kombucha Mama (Hannah) at:

            I invested in a Continuous Brew System (expensive but worth every penny — I had some mad money from an unexpected source last Christmas and so happy I got one of these systems) last January and have been making Kombucha successfully ever since. If I can make it without any problems then ANYONE CAN! lol 🙂

            I still order supplies from Kombucha Kamp to this day. Wouldn’t use anyone else as Hannah is just awesome and very honest and helpful! She even has a Kombucha Kamp FB group, too!

            Big hugs!

            Patti 🙂 <3

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