The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review

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The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review

The Purr-Fect Groomer Product ReviewMany months back a reader in New Zealand contacted me through e-mail asking me to review the Purr-Fect Groomer. She provided a link to their website, so I clicked on through to check it out (I usually will take a look at a product to see if 1) it’s interesting, 2) if our review would benefit readers, 3) if it’s safe and 4) won’t cause a problem in our house).

When I clicked through to the site, I saw that the product was not yet on the market and that it was a USA based company. So my curiosity overcame me – wondering how a reader in New Zealand found out about a product in the USA that wasn’t yet on the market.

As it turned out, Watchorn Products, LLC the makers of the Purr-Fect Groomer had run an ad campaign through Catster magazine.

So, I nicely responded to Christie in New Zealand and said that maybe we could look into reviewing it once it came on the market. Christie was more proactive, however. She reached out to Watchorn Products, LLC asking them to send me product for review.

After a phone call and a few emails, Watchorn Products sent me their prototype unit to test and review since their prototype is 99% ready to go into production.

So, What Is the Purr-Fect Groomer?

The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review 2The Purr-Fect Groomer is a cylinder shaped free-standing “room” that your cat can enter and exit to eat his or her food. The entrance into the Purr-Fect Groomer has a series of two grooming discs, so that when the kitty walks in and out of it, his or her loose hair is slightly pulled off of him or her and left on the grooming discs. This cat hair removal system contains both food and water dispensers measures 20″ [508 mm] in diameter x 16″ [406 mm] tall.

Groomer Discs

The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review Discs

Watchorn Products send me a pack of new Groomer Discs and some used Groomer Discs so I could see how much loose hair the Purr-Fect Groomer removed from their cats in as little as one week (you can see those in the arrival video posted below).

The Groomer Discs have a little stiffness to add some pressure against the cat’s fur as s/he goes through the discs, which helps to pull off the loose hair. The Groomer Discs can be vacuumed and reused a couple of times, but when the stiffness breaks down they are not as effective.

The Purr-fect Groomer says that a set of (8) Groomer Discs will last about 60 days if you have 1-2 cats and every 30-45 days if you have 3-4 cats using the Purr-Fect Groomer. The Groomer Discs will need to be replaced more often however during heavier shedding times.

The Grooming Discs are not thick at all – they are one step above paper thin and neither one of my cats seemed to be bothered by them.

Training Your Cat to Go Into the Purr-Fect Groomer

I was really proud of Charlie and Trigg with going in and out of the Purr-Fect Groomer. They got the hang of it almost immediately. I first let them use the Purr-Fect Groomer without the grooming discs inserted. And then after a week of letting them explore it without the grooming discs, I then inserted both the front and rear sets of Groomer discs (please be advised that the Purr-fect Groomer recommends you do first one set and then the other – not both at once). Before Charlie and Trigg went through the Groomer Discs, I pushed my hand through the Groomer Discs a couple of times to loosen up the discs some.

The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review

Overall Thoughts on the Purr-Fect Groomer

The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review 4I think this product is really neat – it accomplishes a few things – a safe place for your kitty to eat and eliminates some of the hair in your house. I would say it helped to eliminate the whisps of cat hair I find on my hardwood stairs or the random chunks I find on my carpet. They appeared on the groomer discs instead. Of course, the Purr-Fect Groomer is not meant to replace your regular grooming, rather it is to help with those extra things of hair I mentioned.

It’s impossible to quantify the amount of hair that is removed – I tested this cat hair remover in the late winter/early spring. I have long-haired cats, they eat wet food and they are never brushed. It will vary greatly depending on where you live, what you feed your cats, what the weather is like where you live and more.

I posted about the Purr-Fect Groomer on our Facebook page and did a post and many readers commented on it being too small for my large-breed cats. However, I disagree. As humans (and more so as Americans), we seem to have this perspective of how big areas should be. Both of my cats never had a problem entering and exiting the Purr-fect Groomer and more so, had no problem eating inside of it. When a cat is uncomfortable, the last thing they want to do is eat. So I let the cats dictate whether or not something is too small for them – and they showed no signs of it being too small.

I love this Purr-Fect Groomer for households that have small children or dogs. I was raised with a cat and a dog and keeping the dogs away from the cat food (and litterbox) was something my mom had to deal with. She found a solution in her home at the time, but this would have worked great – to have it in the kitchen. Same goes for a small child – this would keep the kid out of the food and let the cat eat in peace without being pestered.

And speaking of being pestered, I have a tendency to play chasing games with my cats – I chase them around the house in the evenings (as a game). Trigg has enjoyed running into the Purr-fect Groomer to “get away from me”. So, I can see it being a safe haven for kitties on an entirely different realm too.

So it kills two birds with one stone – provides a safe place to eat and gets rid of some cat hair for you in the process.

The Purr-Fect Groomer Arrival Video

The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review Video

Buy the Purr-Fect Groomer on Kickstarter

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One thought on “The Purr-Fect Groomer Product Review

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Pawesome final review of this product’s prototype, Jenny! Although, personally, it wouldn’t work in our household due to size constraints, I can really see where this would be great with a home full of children and cats and dogs. Lurved how you included your training of both Triggy and Charlie to use this product in your video. So much fun to watch and educational, too!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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