The Original Scratch Lounge – Worlds Best Cat Scratcher

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The Original Scratch Lounge - Worlds Best Cat Scratcher - (Includes Catnip)Give your cat the best.  Give your cat the Original Scratch Lounge.  Allow your cat to take care of the necessary evil of scratching and spare your furniture, curtains, and legs in the process!

Cats scratch, it’s their nature, and they need a place to do this freely. The Original Scratch Lounge provides this opportunity while also giving your cat the perfect place to lounge the day away as only cats can do. This is unlike your typical scratching posts as it is more stable and offers more opportunity for the cat to scratch- your cat can be lounging away inside the box and still be able to take care of its manicure needs. You furry best friend can even enjoy his favorite cat snacks while lounging the day away.

The Original Scratch Lounge is also the perfect addition to any cat gyms or cat climbers you have. Made of sturdy materials, it is sure to stand up to even the worst scratching and clawing and provide even the most destructive scratcher a safe place to take of that instinctual need to scratch.

Show your cat the love you have by getting them the Original Scratch Lounge today. Your cat will thank you, as will your furniture, curtains, and legs!

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