The Original Catpods™ – Product Review

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Trigg in the The Original Catpods
Trigg in the The Original Catpods

When I saw The Original Catpods™ on moderncat, I wanted to check one out for myself.

So we reached our to and they obliged and sent us one of their The Original Catpods™.  This is an awesome cardboard cat scratcher that also doubles as a cat play tunnel and a cat snuggle area.

I love how sturdy this cat tunnel is!  It weighs 9 lbs. and you can feel the sturdiness of it!

The Original Catpods is made of Industrial Strength Corrugated Cardboard, Non-Toxic Water Soluble Adhesives, and is 100% Recyclable.

Although the dimensions are 18″ L x 11″ W x 12″ H (9″ kitty opening), I was worried about it’s size and whether or not Charlie and Trigg would fit, but they fit really well and enjoy it.  In fact, Charlie will just stick his paws in the holes as he walks by it for the fun of it, I guess.  Gives me a good giggle every time though.

Charlie Fits in the The Original Catpods
Charlie Fits in the The Original Catpods

Here’s a video I shot during the arrival process as well as one I shot during the review process:

You can buy The Original Catpods™ for $69.99.

More Like This makes a number of other cardboard cat scratcher products:

  • Kitty Speed Bumps™
  • Puzzle Loungers™
  • Kitten Pods™

You can check out all their great products on

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