The Only Good Kind of Hearrrt Attack

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Yeowww Hearrrt Attack Catnip Toy, Happy KittyYeowww is at it again with their US made hand-crafted cat toys and the 100% organic catnip stuffed into each and every one of them. This time Yeowww's got something a little more special out there on the market: the Yeowww Hearrrt Attack Catnip Toy. This toy in particular is one of the best cat products for your loved little one around Valentine's Day. Just like it says in the name, this toy is shaped like a heart and comes in red. Each heart available has black text stitched on it that says one of three different phrases: “YEOWWW!,” “Happy Kitty,” or “Lick me. Bite me. Bunnykick me.” While these hearts do make great Valentine's gifts, they are available year-round and can be given to your cat at any time just to let him know how much you love him.

Cats on catnip everywhere seem to prefer Yeowww's organically grown catnip. The reason this product has the name that it does, besides the fact that it is shaped like and looks like a heart, is that their catnip packs such a punch that they call it “a heart attack waiting to happen.” This is all tongue-in-cheek of course, but gives you an idea about why your furry friend just won't give up his Yeowww catnip toys without a fight! While the product provides exactly what it claims, it still manages to remain rather small in size at only four inches. This is great because it allows for easy storage, which is definitely important when you have a cat who has about a thousand different toys and insists on scattering them about the house on a daily basis!

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