The NEW Wave Lounge From ModernCat Studio – A Giant Sea Of Cardboard Just For Your Cat

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The NEW Wave Lounge from Moderncat Studio is definitely something that is cool and new to our dear felines. Using the same wavy cardboard shape material used in the Wave Door-hanging Cardboard Scratcher, the Wave Lounge differs from being a floor scratcher that doubles as a lounge to your cat providing it with a large textured surface made and designed from the highest quality cardboard in the market.The NEW Wave Lounge from Moderncat Studio

Compared to cheap cardboard scratchers that are wide and soft that eventually scratches off immediately, the Wave Lounge’s scratcher is made with thin, dense cardboard strips held together by tension instead of adhesives (meaning there’s no glue for your kitty to ingest, plus the cardboard pieces can be easily disassembled and recycled once they’re worn out) that really makes it stronger and more durable.

The NEW Wave Lounge from Moderncat StudioThis Ultimate Wave Lounge that is twice as big as the regular Wave Lounge from ModernCat Studio. This Ultimate Wave Lounge measures a gigantic 14.25" by 23.5", while the regular Wave Lounge is a more compact at 14.25" by 11.5".

The regular Wave Lounge only differs in price – Ultimate Wave Lounge, $50 for the former and $75 for the latter, plus shipping.

The Wave Lounge comes in a variety of fun designer fabrics to add a splash of colorful fashion to your home. New fabrics will be added all the time. Check out the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop for current fabric selections.The NEW Wave Lounge from Moderncat Studio

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