The New Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS

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NintendoNintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS console is a real time pet simulator game that allows you to raise kittens and puppies into cats and dogs. Just like the old Nintendogs game, this one comes in three versions, each with a set of breeds already unlocked plus the potential to unlock new breeds as you progress and interact with your canine or feline friends. Each cartridge has nine different breeds, including the dog in the title plus three types of cat.

The three Nintendogs starter packages are; French Bulldog and friends, Golden Retriever and friends and Toy Poodle and friends. Cats are included in all the games but to access them you must go to the kennel and choose your first puppy.

Give your puppy a name and teach it basic commands, such as sitting. Earn money through tasks and activities and you will then be allowed to return to the kennel to select a kitten.

There isn’t such a wide choice of cats available because the focus of Nintendo 3DS Dogs + Cats is biased somewhat towards dog lovers. However, you can choose from three different types of kitten (the choice of cats is the same in each version of the game). Pick a standard striped tabby, oriental short-haired or long-haired kitten and take it home.

Interact and care for your cat for rewards. Unlike dogs, kittens rarely do as they are told and spend much of the time playing, napping and climbing cat scratching poles. You cannot teach cats tricks, but if you buy them special kitten food and toys they will purr. Occasionally your new kitten will bring you a gift if you give them plenty of attention.

Earn money by entering competitions with your pet and spend it on pampering your puppy. There are six shops in the Nintendo 3DS Dogs + Cats where you can buy accessories, food, clothes and furniture and there is even a pet hotel.

The 3DS dogs and cats can recognise their owners using the video camera in the console and react to you as you move around. Speak in to the microphone to give voice commands and train your puppy to follow instructions and prepare for competitions.

Make friends with other pet owners out and about in the game and share information using the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass technology to interact with people in the real world as you pass by them in the street, on the bus or at school – even when your DS is closed. The more stuff you share with other gamers, the more accessibility you get in the game allowing you to unlock new breeds and cool toys and accessories.


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