The Litter-Robot 25 Days of Christmas Is Back!

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Litter-Robot’s 2016 25 Days of Christmas

From December 1st to December 25th, Litter-Robot be giving away $1,193 in prizes every day. Each day you will have a chance to enter either or both Sweepstakes by completing at least one (1) of the activities available.

Floppycats designated giveaway day is December 21 – but you can enter every day through Litter-Robot’s site here.



Enter every day from December 1 – December 25, 2016.

Receive (1) entry for each activity that is completed successfully.

On or about December 26, 2016, they will conduct a random drawing from all eligible entries received and select winners.

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One (1) per winner per day of the Promotion (with the exception of two (2) winners for the first day and (4) winners on the last), will be awarded. Each prize will consist of:

One (1) Petcube
One (1) Litterbox 1 Year Subscription
One (1) Litter-Robot Open Air Litter Box
One (1) MyPoochFace Custom Pet Portrait

For complete rules, click here.


Amy’s cats recently got a Litter-Robot Open Air – here’s the arrival video:

If you’re ready to purchase one, you can save $25 off your purchase of a Litter-Robot through this link.

We also reviewed the Petcube Pet Camera.  You can read our Petcube Product Review here and purchase one here.


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  1. What a great video! Love it! Did they ever go in. Wanted to see more Ash and Addie. They are so beautiful and they looked so at ease with the Litter Robot for their first time. I’m on the fence about it. Think on one hand, it would be great for me not to have to try to lift out the litter twice daily because bending down is painful. On the other hand, how is the cleanup and do you have to take the whole thing apart to clean it and how often does that happen? Have a perfect place to put it, but am still not sure about it. If mine would take to it like Ash and Addie have right here, think I’d go for it despite my other questions. Since Miss Mariposa is in the early stages of renal failure, am afraid to do anything that would deter her from using her litter box since she pees boat loads of urine! Decisions, decisions! Thanks so much for the giveaway link and am going there right now! ♥♥♥

    1. Oh yes, they used it within 30 minutes!! nuts! and they have also taken dumps in it – which is crazy fast.

      “how is the cleanup and do you have to take the whole thing apart to clean it and how often does that happen?” – i have only had to do it once (in a year’s time) and have a video about it:

      mariposa might not use it – or might be the first one – but you can always keep the others. i have our 5 litterboxes plus this one.

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