The Litter Champ, Made By and For Champs

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Lucky Champ Litter Champ Premium Pet Waste and Odor Disposal System, Taupe
The Lucky Champ Litter Champ just might very well be one of the most aptly named cat products out on the market right now. This waste disposal system is a true lifesaver, giving you a proper place to put used litter without stinking up the entire room in the process or having to empty your trash frequently. Not only is the Litter Champ Premium Pet Waste and Odor Disposal System incredibly efficient and practical, but it also looks good. Its sleek design will match most homes, making guests accept it as part of the furniture instead of thinking of it as "that stinky litter trashcan."

Lucky Champ uses a triple sealing system to keep the cat litter odor inside of it. This means once it's closed, the smell should not be a problem. Some people like to use biodegradable litter with the Litter Champ because this newest design comes with a 100% biodegradable bag. When the litter and the bag are tossed into a landfill upon disposal, they will have no problems completely degrading rather than sitting there and taking up room. This is a lot more of an environmentally-conscious pet waste disposal system.

This trashcan for litter products is good and sturdy, holding up to 4 gallons of waste and made with ABS resin. The bag liners that come with the product last about 2-3 months for a single cat. The best part about this product is that it features a pedal on the bottom. That means you can use your foot to open it. Talk about convenient!

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