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Seal Point RagdollBella is a 6 year old Ragdoll "wanna be"/ She is a seal point blue eyed beauty but does not possess many of the classic
Ragdoll cat traits. Bella is not a particularly social cat, preferring to live a more solitary existence in the bedroom during the day and more frequently when the "boogey man" (vacuum, lawn guys, strangers) comes to visit.

Bella has a coat more like that of a dog. She does not have the silky bunny rabbit-like fue that is typical to the Ragdoll. Instead she has a very a dry coat with a extremely thick undercoat that matts overnight. Bella is very vocal and I swear, most of the time when she whines, I think it’s becase she loves the sound of her own voice.

Bella is the ultimate prima donna. She knows she is beautiful but wants to be adored from afar. her attitude is "look at me, but don’t touch me". She will lay on the floor in that inviting Ragdoll pose but the minute you go over to her she will get up, walk two feet away and sit down again, The look on her face always seems to say "gotcha"! Then if she is not getting the visual attention she craves she lets you know it.

We recently lost our 10 month old baby boy to FIP. It was particularly difficult because his personality was a perfect complement to Bella’s. His his loss has affected us both. Bells would not admit it but she misses him and has adopted many of her litttle brother’s behaviors.

Bella would really love the Scoop Free Self Cleaning Litter box. She is as dainty as she is fastidious in her litter box habits and although she is currently Queen of the Castle right now, she will have to share the limelight again in the future. At that point the Self Cleaning Litterbox would really come in handy. Despite having two litter boxes, in the past both cats ended up using the same box and even though I cleaned it several times a day, it was difficul to keep uo with. I think both Bella and I and our future little kitty would love to have the Scoop Free Self Cleaning Litter Box. Besides, Bella says she has never won anything and therefore thinks she "deserves it". She constantly surprises me.

Kitty’s Name: Bella
Name: Sue Rogers
Where: Greenwich, CT

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