The Honest Kitchen Wishes Cat Treats – Product Review

Post Published on April 17, 2012 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

The Honest Kitchen Wishes
The Honest Kitchen Wishes

The Honest Kitchen is a pet food company based in California. I first heard about them years ago when my aunt told me that her step-son was feeding their food to his dog and she wondered if they shipped – so I Googled them.

Ingredient: 100% human-grade, wild caught Icelandic Haddock.

Wishes are made with 100% wild caught Haddock from Iceland using sustainable fishing practices. I just watched the documentary, Earthlings, and understand how very important that sustainable fishing practices are now.

Because they are one ingredient treats, you don’t have to worry about grains, by-products, additives, etc.

Available Sizes: 2 oz.

Sells for $8.50 on The Honest Kitchen’s website or $4.25 per ounce, which seems like a lot – but at the same time, they are dehydrated, so they aren’t going to be heavy anyway.  I think you get a decent amount especially because sustainable fishing practices makes the product more expensive, rightfully so.

I have watched The Honest Kitchen for awhile, but it wasn’t until Susan Thixton of the Truth about Pet Food mentioned them in a recent article, Hats Off to The Honest Kitchen, that I really wanted to try them out.

Susan liked that they mentioned where their food ingredients come from in this map:

The Honest Kitchen Pet Food

See the image in full size here.

I love these treats and love that you can break them up into smaller pieces to use for training or just random treats or you can have fun and give your kitty the whole darn fillet and see what she or he does with it.

I also love treats that dogs and cats both can eat – makes it easier to buy one thing for both.

Here’s the arrival video of all The Honest Kitchen products – and Charlie and Trigg instantly chow down on the Wishes:

And then here’s the second time I gave them the treats, still digging them!

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One thought on “The Honest Kitchen Wishes Cat Treats – Product Review

  1. Diane says:

    Awww the videos reminds me of how my kitties ate the Halo LIV-A-LITTLES CHICKEN! They are smaller than the wishes, but they they would take a piece and run away with it and eat it in their own spot then come running back for more! I heard about honest kitchen before, but wasn’t sure if my kitties would like dehydrated food but i might just have to give it a try!

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