The Extra Special Kitty

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Special KittyMacavity, or Macky as he was knows, was my uber special kitty. I had other cats before him and since him, but he was the one that made me love the big, fluffy boy cats. When I got Macky, I already had three cats, and one was only about four months old. A friend's cat had four kittens and only one was left alive due to an immature mother cat. My friend needed to find a home for this five week old kitten immediately and I volunteered to take him. He was a tiny, grey, squirmy and flea-infested creature and was scared beyond belief. I brought him home, gave him two flea baths, wrapped him up in a fluffy towel and gave him gooshy foods. That night, he crawled up on my bed and fell asleep in the crook of my neck. That's where he slept for the next 5 months. My then four month old cat became him best friend and body guard and protected him from the older two cats. Everyone that saw him said "He's so TINY!" and promptly fell in love with him. He didn't stay tiny for long.

As the years went by, he grew into an absolute behemoth. He most resembled a Maine Coon cat in size and physical attributes, such as the tuffs of fur between his toes and his lynx fur-tipped ears. He was also very solid. As he aged, he outgrew Sheba, his bodyguard and protector, and would follow her around like a love sick puppy. She grew tired of him, but allowed him to clean her ears and generally be her love slave.

Everyone loved Macky and he had quite the following. People would send me anything that looked like Macky: stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments, t-shirts, earrings, kitchen towels, and a plethora of other items. He was my baby and would follow me around the house. My mom thought that he knew that I saved his life and this is why he was my baby. He used to find a corner of the house and howl until I would call his name. Once he heard me, he would stop howling and run to me. If he wasn't on my lap, he wasn't happy. He was my 16 pound lap warmer.

In the Fall of 2002, I noticed that he was losing weight. I took him to the vet several times, but no one could figure out what was wrong. I then got a referral to the local university's vet center and they did a bunch of tests. What they found was a large tumor that was growing in his chest cavity. It was the size of a grapefruit and was not removable. They sent me home with him and told me to love him until its time to say good bye. He started spending more time hiding and not really eating. There was even an evening where he came to me and looked me in the eye and just stared for about three minutes. It was like he was saying "Mom, it's time to go." It wasn't long after that night that he could no longer walk. That day, we brought him outside to the garden and let his look around and sniff the air. We then took him to the university's vet center and said goodbye. It was the worst part of pet ownership, as so many people know.

In 2007, we got our three Ragdoll boys. People that knew Macky were glad that I got another big, fluffy boy again. Artemis is certainly a similar form factor to Macky in weight, color and fluffyness. While I love all my boys tons and bunches, Artemis' similarity to Macky keeps him close to my heart. He is the new 16 pound lap warmer and his purr reminds me of my Macky whenever I hear it.

Kitty's Name: Macavity
Name: JL Smithson
Where: Minneapolis, MN


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