The Essential Cat Accessories and Medicines for Traveling Owners

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Guest Post by Jai Patel

Let's face it, cats can be difficult to travel with. In spite of this, most owners are reluctant to leave their cats behind when they go on vacation. For owners who wish to carry their cats with them wherever they go, the journey can be made much easier by carrying essential cat accessories and medicines prior to leaving.

Depending on where you are traveling to – for example, if you are traveling within your same state or if you are traveling abroad Internationally, you may want to consider giving your kitty vaccinations – and sometimes it will be required in order to bring your kitty into the country. About a week before departure, cat owners are advised to visit a veterinary doctor to ensure the pet is healthy enough to travel. The cat’s shots need to be up-do-date, and this requires the owner to have written proof in the form of signed health certificate. The paper sometimes has to be shown, especial if the cat owner will be travelling to other states. That means travelling by plane, crossing state borders or going to another country. Some airlines demand proof that the cat can handle the cold temperatures experienced in destination areas. For those planning to visit an outside country, they should check the consulate or embassy for regulations involving cat travel.

The other vital accessory involves methods of identification. A vacation can go astray if the cat gets lost in a strange city or countryside. To ensure that the cat is much easier to find if it gets lost, it is advisable to have proper identification. The best form of identification is a cat collar attached with ID tags. The name, phone number and address of the owner among other details are written on the IDs, enabling anyone who comes across the cat to inform the owner. An added insurance in identification is micro chipping, as it enables the cat to be returned to the owner if lost and found. While cats can slip out of their collars, this is not possible with a microchip as it is implanted under the skin. Should a lost cat be found and taken to a veterinary doctor, identification can be made with the help of the chip, enabling the owner to be traced. However, cat owners are advised to ensure the microchip contains the most recent contacts for ease of reach. Such contacts may include the cell phone number.

When travelling, cat owners are advised to carry along a recent picture of the cat for the trip, even though the pet will be with them during the trip. This will come handy if the cat slips away, since a photo provides an easier way of identifying the cat compared to a written or verbal description. Basically, identification and vaccination are the most vital cat accessories and medicines that owners should consider when travelling with their pets. There are numerous other types of medicine to be prescribed to cats. However, unless the pet is sick at the time of travel, these are rarely administered. Other cat accessories exist too, but not applied during travel time.

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