The Deluxe Kitty Sill from K&H

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 K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe

You probably don’t need a Ragdoll cats book to tell you that the breed love their comfort. You also probably don’t need one to tell you that they like to lounge in sunlight, so the perfect present you can buy your kitty is an ultra-comfy cat window bed.

This deluxe kitty sill is therefore a great buy. Its microfleece bed is velvety soft, padded for comfort and easily big enough to fit an adult Ragdoll. There is also a patterned back bolster for added security, although this can be zipped off if kitty doesn’t like it. Nearly all of the reviews say these cat window perches are very sturdy and are easily fitted to most conventional window sills…which means you can move them from one window to the next as the sun moves.

For the price they do seem to be an incredibly good buy, and your Ragdoll is sure to appreciate the chance of soaking up some sun while checking out who is coming up the garden path. No doubt they will soon learn to meet you at the front door so as to see what other treats you might have bought them.


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