The Coolest Cat Trees on the Market

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Long gone are the days where cat climbing trees were made to look plain, unfinished, and boring. Nowadays, there's a cat tree for just about every personality. From chic to eclectic, not a single cat will go unpleased.

For cat trees that take the form of stacked boxes, check out the Designer Pet Products Designer Cat Tree, which comes in black or white can features six levels to it. Bowser's Replus Cool Hues Cat Tree is another great buy as well. This  one has only five levels but comes in a variety of colors for a more brightening look. Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos also feature the box look and allow for more boxes in any different color to be attached when necessary.

Now for the pet owner with quite the eclectic taste, the Modern Cat Designs Tall Modern Cat Condo would be a great purchase. This design is not boxy in the least, and in fact, it features large cylinders with padding in them. There is one on the bottom, as well as one up in the air for cats who like to survey the area from above. This cat condo is truly one of those cat tree houses unlike any other, especially because it is scratch resistant.

For cat lovers looking for cat scratch furniture that is more straightforward and less fancy, there are several types of cat trees made of wood. These models typically feature a main pole with shelves at different intervals so that your cat can decide how high up the tree he or she wants to go. Many times, these shelves will be carpeted so that your cat has something to scratch. These products may not blend in as well with your home decor, but cats will nonetheless adore them!



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