The Company Of Pets Canine Cat Scratcher Product Review

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Charlie on The Canine Cat Scratcher from The Company of Pets scratching
Charlie on The Canine Cat Scratcher from The Company of Pets scratching

The Company Of Pets Canine Cat Scratcher Review

Originally published Jan 10, 2012

UPDATE Feb 2015!  You’ll notice below in the comments that a reader, Christy, asked me how well this canine cat scratcher has held up over the years.  It is still a hit in our house and one of my favorite products that we received to review.  Although I did not include it in our favorite cat products’ video because, honestly, sometimes I forget about it as it blends in with my decor.   I took a new video to show how well it has held up – to me, it looks the same as it did the day it arrived and the cats use it daily to scratch on.  Of course, it isn’t their only scratcher, so they don’t use it for all their daily scratching, but it is used daily.

When I first laid eyes on the canine cat scratcher, I loved it.  I loved the concept for so many reasons – the irony of a cat scratching a dog, the design twist to a cat scratcher and because it was just cool.

When The Company of Pets, offered to send me one, I nearly jumped out of my seat in excitement.  I so wanted to touch it, lift it, check it out – and I got that chance.  It is all of that and a bag of chips.

The K9 Cat Scratcher is a manila rope wrapped bull terrier in the style of the 1990’s neo-pop art. It measures 20″ wide x 22″ high x 28″ long. It retails for $395. UPDATE Feb 2015! It now sells for $295 with $50 shipping in the USA

To be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting the cats to love this sisal cat scratcher.  Whenever I am in love with a product, they don’t seem to take to it, so then I am disappointed because I cannot give it the review I want to.

Not so with this cat scratcher, folks!

Charlie and Trigg like their new doggy!!  Love their new doggy!  Look at this cat – he loves his doggie!  Sorry for the photo quality with some of these photos – the one below was taken on my iPhone because I rarely have my camera around for the few seconds they scratch.  And then when I do they tend to be blurry, and let me tell you, it is not possible to get a cat to scratch on demand.

Trigg with The Canine Cat Scratcher from The Company of Pets

I know it’s pricey – but I think it’s a stylish piece that will last for years.  You can always email The Company of Pets and see how long they estimate it to last and then divide that number by the cost of it to get the break down/year of how much it will “cost”.

Trigg's paw on the K9 cat scratcher

Trigg on the K9 cat scratcherHere’s a video that shows you a little bit more about the The Company Of Pets Canine Cat Scratcher.

UPDATE Feb 2015! 

What do you think of the Canine Cat Scratcher?  Bill thinks it is a little strange.

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28 thoughts on “The Company Of Pets Canine Cat Scratcher Product Review

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Whoa! Thanks for the update! This is such an awesome scratcher! Wow! Huge! Durable! Double whoa! Impressive! Made to last obviously so it’s a good investment. 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbean 🙂 <3

  2. Christy says:

    Thanks for this – it’s now on my “definitely going to buy” list for my next closed deal! (please, please, please I hope the price / shipping doesn’t increase!!)

    Loved seeing the stability of it even when jumping on and off. I’m hoping that in addition to the scratching and playing, that Prossimo will also use it to show his “affection” to it instead of to Yoda as she detests his Pepe Le Pew side to her. Prossimo’s quite the Romeo except he doesn’t care if his Juliet wants to be on the receiving end!!

    Since I consider myself “not a cat person” person, I feel somewhat qualified to answer your question.

    I don’t control my dog but I don’t think it’s about control but reliability For example, I can rely on the fact that my dog won’t bite me or eat my face off when I clip her nails. With cats, not so much. Sometimes when I clip Prossimo’s nails he’s fine, other times, he withdraws a paw and gives me a warning, sometimes he swipes at me, sometimes he lashes out like a cobra, sometimes a mixture.

    That being said, of all the cats I’ve been around, Prossimo’s the most reliable. I think it’s partly his breed and partly his environment (me “listening” to his cues and being reliable in my response to them). He’s changed a lot since he got here which I believe is partly stability and partly because he has grown to trust the reliability of my interactions with him. Without a doubt though, I believe that breed plays a giant role in that too. Other cats I’ve had, even my two most recent (fosters), regardless of how I behaved toward them, their behavior was decidedly not reliable.

    Of course that’s just on “not a cat person” person’s opinion and I could be totally off base or full of it!

    • Christy says:

      Oh I forgot, the one thing that I think put me over the edge was seeing the the boy dog was anatomically correct (well, a neutered version from what I could tell)!! That was completely unexpected and hilarious!

      I can’t recall a Bull Terrier as part of a Pepsi campaign but I do remember “Spuds Mackenzie” that was in the Bud Light commercials (

    • Jenny says:

      My mom is a dog person too – but as you know, has two cats – but she’s ok with it. I am talking more about the people that can’t stand cats. I am not sure I can really explain – should have kept my mouth shut about that one.

      • Christy says:

        I think it’s a great topic!

        I don’t know if I ever hated cats, but if I didn’t I was very strongly in the “do not like” category. I was only a fan long enough to possibly give a pet or two and then I was done. On top of that, the thought of an animal peeing and pooping IN my house and getting on my counters & tables is gross to me. Doesn’t set a cat up for a positive perception from my end.

        I think the reason people “hate” cats still is reliability but probably a more eloquent way of saying it is that dogs are, by a wide margin, companions. They self selected and evolved (long before humans got involved in their breeding in the Victorian era), to be so. Cats? Not so much. So I think people who “hate” cats, it’s because cats are by and large not companion-ish.

        This is a really fascinating interview with John Bradshaw, Anthrozoologist and author of Cat Sense in which he touches on this:

        That being said, of course lots of people have different experiences. I can see now if people who have only or lots of experience with Ragdolls and their ancestral breeds (just read your “History of Ragdolls” post which was fascinating btw!), then even being able to understand the label of lack of companionship would be beyond.

        So for me, since Prossimo is much more of a companion and not an unpredictable feline, I love him, having him here and part of our little group! I figured out how to deal with the litter box (for me it’s the Tidy Cats Breeze System that even makes it possible) and I taught him to stay off the tables & counters (he probably dances atop both and drags his behind across all my counters when I’m gone but I’m of the opinion that if I don’t see it, it didn’t happen!!). Also, I just want to add that these are MY dislikes for my home, it’s not at all a judgement of what other people do!

        • Jenny says:

          I think Prossimo was sent to you to learn more about cats and appreciate them =)

          …my mom and dad have the same dislikes for their home – no kitties on counters or tables or other eating areas. But they don’t have the Tidy Cats Breeze system.

          I would love a write up about your experience with the Breeze system – people ask me about it but I don’t know about it.

  3. Christy says:

    How has this held up?

    How did it smell? If it had a smell, how long did it last? (I have an extremely sensitive nose and sometimes I think sisal, rope & twine smells like chemicals)


    • Jenny says:

      awesome. i love this thing – always have. the cats still use it and you’d never know it was used at all. in other words, no damage to it yet. i don’t recall it ever having a smell. i am sensitive to smells too – people call me a pregnant woman’s nose sometimes – but don’t recall one on this one. i hope i’m right on this!

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha ha – my dad always sang that song to us!! you can give him one lyric and off he goes with it. thanks for the smile.

  4. The Crazy Ragdoll Cat Lady says:

    This is lovely! But I don’t think dear husband would agree to me buying it, even if it were cheaper, because we already have a cat tree, another toy with a scratching pad on it and ordered the cat attack scratching post. who knows, maybe someday this dog can be between the other scratching items we have!

  5. Geo says:

    I get why you were so excited! $400…wow. The pics of Charlie and Trigg on it are adorable. I can count on you for new and fun kitty product information, thanks.

      • ABarletta says:

        Jenny, just testing out if my login took! Your instructions were perfect.
        I have seen a bunch of Japanese cat products on the you tube videos for “Maru”. Have you seen any of them?

        • Jenny says:

          HI Annette – no, I haven’t seen the Japanese products. Could you send me links of ones that interest you? Glad the instructions were perfect =)

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