The Company of Animals Flea and Tick Comb Product Review

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The Company of Animals Flea and Tick CombMost people wouldn’t get excited about a 2-in-1 flea and tick comb, but when I was offered to review the The Company of Animals Flea and Tick Comb, I jumped on the opportunity.  I have always wanted a flea comb and often when we are waiting at the vet’s office for the vet or vet tech to come into the room, I will get the nail clippers and trim my cats’ nails and will also start combing them with the flea comb.  I love the little teeth of a flea comb.  However, this one by The Company of Animals is really neat because it also serves a tick purpose – wherein it has the ability to help you remove ticks.

I love that this comb is white – makes it easy to see black flea poop/dirt.  I also like that it has a little hole on the top, so you can hang it somewhere or attach it to a keyring.  The comb is pretty small (see the video to see what I mean), so it would be easily lost in my house if I couldn’t hang it somewhere.

They sell for £0.99 and can be found on The Company of Animals UK site.

Thanks to The Company of Animals for sending us their Flea and Tick Comb to review!

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