The Cat Scratching Playhouse from Four Paws

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 Cat Scratching Play House

This cute little cat playhouse is designed to be used indoors however it could also be used as a hide-away in larger outdoor cat playpens, providing the weather was nice. It is constructed of durable cardboard and apparently just clicks together with simple-to-use plastic snap clips. The floor of the playhouse is actually a scratching mat, which means you could do away with any smaller sisal cat scratching posts you have around the house.

Similarly, if using the playhouse in an outdoor playpen you wouldn’t have the hassle of finding a scratching post that fit in the pen along with a hide-away. You get both needs covered with this one item.

According to the reviews the playhouse is very sturdy and will stand up to a fair amount of rough and tumble play from your cats. You get two reversible scratching pads with it, so even if your kitty is a prolific scratcher it will last a good few months…which isn’t bad for the price really.

And just think of the Ragdoll cat pictures you can take with a camera to show your kitty in his or her cutest moments.

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