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Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Cat Power Tower LogoI love the name of this product – Cat Power Tower – it makes me want to kick my leg out and say, “POWER!”  The Cat Power Tower is much more than a sisal scratching post or a modern cat tree, I think of it is as a cat gym – reminds me of the Bowflex, but for cats.

This action packed cat tower is made from eco friendly materials like rubberwood and sisal.  Here are some of the cool features about this cat gym that has multiple platforms that offer different activities to keep your kitty active:

  • Motorized rotating feather carousel
  • Lounging platforms
  • Scratching posts
  • Scratching Board
  • Hunting Holes

Best of all – any of the platforms or activities that get worn out can easily be replaced, so that you don’t have to replace the entire cat tree – how about that for eco-friendly.

cat power tower

I think it is good looking too.

You can buy the Cat Power Tower directly from Cat Power Tower – they have different models and pricing ranging from a 2-tier hunt and lounge cat tower at $219.95 to a 3-tier cat tower at $399.95.

Here is a great video from YouTube by Big Apple Pet Supply that shows all the features:

You  also might be interested in checking out Cat Power Tower on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “The Cat Power Tower – Cat Gym

  1. Mary says:

    Our Ragdolls are now 15 months old. They outgrew the cat tree we purchased when they were kittens – the platforms were too small for them to comfortably fit and they both wanted to be on the top platform. I considered Power Tower for weeks before spending the money, but man, is it worth the price!! Very well designed and constructed. It’s easy to assemble and the cats LOVE – and use – every level. One kitty could not adjust to the spring loaded middle platform (the springs operate the motor that twirls the top toy), so we removed the springs to make a solid platform. They amuse themselves with the hunting platform several times a day, and the size of the platforms is so generous that there’s no longer any fighting over who is on top. If you’re on the fence about the price, I can assure you it’s a quality product.

    • Jenny | says:

      I love it – I would love to review it! So pleased to hear that you like it so much. Would you have any interested in writing a “review” and sending photos and posting it on Floppycats?

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