The Cat in the Bag!

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Cats get into nearly anything that has an opening. You may be hunting around for discount cat toys and be surprised to find out that cats find shopping bags to be an excellent place to hide.

Paper bags are safe are environmentally friendly plus can provide your cat with something to shred, but apparently our furry feline friends really don’t care if it’s eco-friendly or not. 

cat in bagOne of our favorite felines – Panthera, the Ultim8  –  who looks like a stuffed toy when she naps, was caught on camera doing this thing! Panthera is a classic example of a cat that knows exactly what she wants. Many thanks to cat owners, Ocho and Timi for allowing us to use this picture! We love you, Panthera!

Give your pet a new cat toy to play with for them to be able to exercise and prevent them from getting bored. It will provide you and them hours of amusements, and who knows, maybe your cat can be one of the featured Floppy Cats.

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Do you have a photo of your Floppy cats in a paper bag?  Share your photo with us as well as a short story about your kitty!

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